Photos: Meet The Man Who Changed Himself Into Kim Kardashian Lookalike With £70,000 Surgery

Thalia Almodovar

Sept 5, 2 015 – Pictures: Meet Thalia Almodovar, The Transgender Who Changed Himself Into Kim Kardashian Lookalike With £70,000 Surgery 

Meet Thalia Almodovar, a fan of Kim Kardashian who was born a man.

Mr/Mrs Almodovar spent over 70,000 pounds on image enhancement surgery to transform himself into Kim Kardashian.

The 28-year-old now enjoys preferential treatment in clubs and restaurants because of his/her newly adopted Kim K’s look.

These yeye people too sabi copy copy.

Do you think she looks like Kim Kardashian???

11 thoughts on “Photos: Meet The Man Who Changed Himself Into Kim Kardashian Lookalike With £70,000 Surgery

  1. U have o nly succeeded in deceiving yourself. Your legs look manly
    Hope you can do surgery to make them look feminine

  2. May God Forgive you,you don’t try to be God(ur creator )like in ur doings.but chose to be a human of ordinary flesh like.Heaven and hell are Real brethren,repent and be safe.

  3. Life is like a roll of dice. Sometimes the positive side may rolls to your side while negative side rolls to somebody’s else side. Can you figure out what a whoopy amount of 70,000 pounds, $107,000 dollars, in Nigerian money, #22,000,000 million naira can do in average Nigerian man, enough to turn people life around. A young gay man of 28 years old wasting that huge amount of money just to have his sex change to look like a female. Where as a another man has to work all day long in his farm by making less than $3 dollars in a day to feed is family. Hhummmnnnnnnn….we are living in imperfect world.

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