Photos: My Father Is Chinese, My Mother Is Igbo Nigerian – Chen Emmanuel Proud Of Naija Roots


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June 24, 2015 – Pictures: My Dad Is Chinese, My Mom Is Igbo Nigerian – Chen Emmanuel Proud Of Naija Roots

Meet this very beautiful half Nigerian half Chinese family.

The star of the family, Chen Wang Emmanuel, a graduate of University of Nigeria Nsukka has been trending on the social media ever since he openly admitted that he loves his Nigerian root.

His mother, a beautiful Igbo lady based in Calabar is married to a Nigeria-based Chinese man, Mr Wang Chen.

The blissful marriage produced 4 children (Emmanuel, Ritchen, Warren, Joanne).

Check out what Calabar-based Emmanuel said about his Nigerian root:

“I’m half Chinese and Half Nigerian. Dad is the Chinese, mom is Igbo. I think there are very few of us in the world maybe less than 20. I think Nigerian blood made I and my siblings way finer and different from the normal Chinese. We are way taller than the average short Chinese race. We look quite more appealing (I think) Better Hair…I think moms blood is strong We don’t have the “sleepy eye’ thing and some other private things..LOL”

See more photos of Emmanuel and his family members

chen emmanuel familyChen Emmanuel’s Chinese  father and Igbo mother and mixed siblings

Emmanuel Chen's father

He is such a rare breed. Beautiful family!!!!