Photos: Okada Man Carrying 6 Children & 2 Adult Spotted On Kano Streets

okada man carries six children

July 12, 2016 – Pictures: Okada Overloaded With 6 Children & 2 Adult Spotted On Kano Streets

The motorcycle rider took his 6 children and a family member to the Mosque in Kano this past Friday all in one trip.

The unidentified Okada man didn’t only risked his life but the lives of those innocent children.

He was spotted on Hadejia rd off Ahmadu Bello way last week.

13 thoughts on “Photos: Okada Man Carrying 6 Children & 2 Adult Spotted On Kano Streets

  1. Jesus Christ! What is this aboki na? No common sense at all for this people. Why hausa lives just deferent from the rest of nigeria like this. Dem too mumu.

  2. This is outragiously unacceptible. This is unpardonable voilation for elementary rules of Road safety.

    How could a man in his right senses carried passenger suited for a starlet Car on just one motorcycle and thinks its funny?
    Mcheew…na wetin even concern me sef? All of them no be abokis them?

    Make I come wake dey go sef…

  3. This is called endangerment and recklessness. Total madness not caring for d safety of those children at all.

  4. maybe he is the father of all 6 kids without shoes, another on the way,poverty ,Illitrate still haveing 20 kids, that reason Emir of Kano said dont have kids if u cant give them gud life e.t.c.

  5. He is trying to save money he doesnt have since the change we vote for is bringing, hungry, poverty etc.carry go beomes the oder of the day.

  6. Reminds me of my pastor where I did my NYSC in Oku Iboku, Akwa Ibom State. There was hardly a night I did not pray for this pastor. He did the very same thing with his family, and the worst of it all being that the roads were very bad. Here, at least, the roads are good. Keeping your hands steady could get you to your destination. But there, in that rural setting, the roads were so bad that even treking was difficult.

    Oh, what a time! I have lost his contact. I would have loved to keep in touch with his family. Such a sweet, humble pastor.

  7. This man is giving another definition to the phrase “mass transit”. I am not sure even the manufacturers of motorcycles realized the capacity of their vehicle.
    Road safety Corp or somebody should warn the man about the danger he is placing his family and make him desist from it.

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