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May 2nd, 2013 – Question Of The Day

Here is a question from a liberal fan of

What will you do if you are chosen as a priest by a river in your community?

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  1. thank baba God first for calling me by the waters, as he called Moses tru the fires! After that, I become tge leader of community bam!

  2. I will not & will neva answer 2 such call.I wl rather answer God who is d Almighty & d Supreme & d Maker of all things.

  3. By a river ?
    I’ll simply go in2 serious praying n fasting wit d help of real men of God.
    D river hs called 4 war.
    Neva wil i ans !

  4. How can a river choose me as a priest? see me see trouble o. The answer to the question is very simple and straight-forward. I WILL NOT EVEN LISTEN TO THAT GOD-DAMMED RIVER! BULL SHIT!

  5. If the voice is from above YES; and NOT from the river. Our Lord is not a confined God that is limited to certain type of miracle. Moses saw burning fire that the bush is not consumed in the fire. However, the voice came from above to him that: “the ground he stood is an Holy ground and that he should remove his sandals.” The question is if nobody hasn’t read about it in the bible, we will have diverse responds. Let us remember, God established our planet Earth upon the seas and set it upon the rivers,(Psalm 24). He can call anybody from anywhere and anytime without prior notice because He does as He pleases provided the call is genuine, The bible said “research all Spirits and know that which is the truth”. Don’t jump into conclusion without verifying the cause.

  6. How can i be chosen as the priest of the river??? No oo if u ar in christ you are a new creature behold old things as pass away!!! If some one should answer to that kind of a call it simply meansa is not serving the living GOD #sikena#

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