Saraki’s CCT Corruption Trial: Nigerians In South Africa Protest ‘Persecution’ Of Senate President

nigerians protest saraki persecution

May 6, 2016 – Saraki’s CCT Corruption Trial: Nigerians In South Africa Protest ‘Persecution’ Of Senate President

Protesters protested peacefully outside the Nigeria Embassy in South Africa on Thursday demanding an independent National Assembly and corrupt free judiciary, as what they observe as judicial recklessness by the Federal Government .

The protest, took place after what they observe as persecution by the CCT over Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki (CON) that is currently facing trial on false asset declaration. The protesters accused CCT of bias and plot to unset the Senate President by all means.

NIGERIAN HIGH COMMISSION SOUTH AFRICAnigerians south africa protest saraki

The protesters said that “Our democratic values are broken,” “We need free National Assembly” “Kill corruption in our judiciary ”

And also accused a top government official of trying to conduct a “judicial putsch” and conspiring with EFCC and CCT to unseat Senator Saraki.

This came two day after some eminent jurists, including Nigeria’s prominent constitutional lawyers stepped out to query the ‘unchallengeability’ of the judgment of the Supreme Court in the case of the President of the Senate, Dr. Saraki, delivered on February 5, 2016. which granted the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT) a quasi criminal jurisdiction to try criminal matters.

While the legal luminaries recommended that Dr. Saraki be given fair hearing, which is constitutionally guaranteed to him before a court of law where there would not be any likelihood of bias, they also called for the re-opening of the investigation on allegation of corruption leveled against the Chairman of the Code Of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), Danladi Umar, and at the same time advise him to withdraw from presiding over the Senate President’s case.

The eminent jurists comprise of former Justices of the Supreme Court, Salisu Alfa Modibo Belgore, George Oguntade (CFR), Samson Odemwingie Uwaifo, prominent constitutional lawyer, Prof. Ben Nwabueze, (SAN), Attorney General, Lagos State, Adeniji Kazeem, Chief Nnoruka Udechukwu (SAN) and Chief Mike Ozekhome (SAN) at an inaugural conference of Ben Nwabueze Centre for Studies in Constitutional Law and Related Subjects titled: ‘The Code of Conduct Enshrined in the Constitution of Nigeria and its Crucial Importance in the Fight against Corruption’ held in Lagos recently, said the court of public opinion is a vital bedrock of governance in a democratic society as Nigeria.

16 thoughts on “Saraki’s CCT Corruption Trial: Nigerians In South Africa Protest ‘Persecution’ Of Senate President

  1. I wish ur voice are heard. corruption is everywhere if not what is saraki still doing on seat.

  2. When you bring together a handful of people and pay them some coins, you say that Nigerians in SA are protesting for you.

  3. Kabir or what you called yourself, is your said Saraki an ibo man?stop calling names of ibos in any thing against Nigeria, ibos are not responsible for all the killings going on in nigeria by your so called boko herdmen, Enough is enough.

  4. Truth be told, corruption have taken over Nigeria and if nothing is done, then this nation is doomed.

  5. Its really funny I go to South Africa, a lot and have many friends there thus I can recognise two people carrying placards there ;there names are Obiora and Emeka;when I contacted them, they told me Saraki paid them…..they stated that this is just like business as usual….its really a shame.

  6. You are all wasting your time. Only Jesus will deliver our nation. We all have to fast pray day night for God to intervene. Corruption is already embedded in Nigeria and has come to stay big time.

    The country is already doomed. Sorry. I pray and beg my children every day not to marry our Nigerians because of corruption, kidnapping stealing, arm robbers, electricity, water and roads.

    • @Grace am guessing you are posting from abroad, but due you realize that those people there did not wait for Jesus to deliver their nation, they were not waiting for mana from heaven, if they did not put the right things in place like law and order and social security and justice system that protects and provided for the less well off and even for foreigners you will not have the opportunity or the desire to live there. You can advice your kids not to marry Nigerians but in the end it is not who you marry but that guarantees happiness and stability but the willingness of the couples to work at things and love for each other. There is corruption everywhere but is just that ours is phenomenal. every right thinking Nigerian should strongly condemn it. what these people holding placards are doing is not protest,they just post a back street photo shoot with some paid actors and then post it on social media in the hope that it will go viral; people are wiser to these shenanigans now.

  7. Grace you are very right.we need GOD intervention . The protesters, how much did sarathief pay you, you are selling your future,your success your generation to come.Remember there is GOD. People are suffering,no job, empty treasury,bad road,arm robbers, kidnappers,no good hospital,no security,workers are not being paid.(5 month salary)etc..
    And you are collecting money from corrupt leader to protest. Once again remember there is GOD.

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