See Chris Brown’s New Illuminati Tattoo

chris brown illuminati tattoo

July 16, 2012 – See Chris Brown’s New Illuminati Tattoo

American Pop star, Chris Brown has shared his new Illuminati Tattoo via his twitter page few hours ago.

The snake with fire oozing out of its mouth symbolizes the dragon (satan)

The eye in the pyramid is a popular Illuminati symbol.

Na wa o this is another evidence that Chris Brown is a member of the Illuminati. Read Illuminati Revealed. Common Signs and Symbols

75 thoughts on “See Chris Brown’s New Illuminati Tattoo

  1. Bring them all to the alter of sacrefice let’s send them to where their belong4 ever them ll be gnashing there teeth 4 ever, if there ar so powerful while ar their doing things in secrecy, let them show them self, I ll single handedly wipe them off the sufface of the entire earth.

  2. All yall rappers and famous people to gain the whole world and lose your only soul to perish forever n ever all the money n the world dont equal to your soul how stupid can u yall guys b

  3. IDK why would all of these famous people are joining the Illuminati any way all you doin is saling your soul to the Devil(Satan).And I know that if you think there is no God you are wrong because he invented the world and you plus he made Satan .So there for if it wasn’t for God we wouldn’t be here right now,AND THEN JESUS DIED ON THE CROSS FOR US SO THAT WE COULD LIVE OUR LIFE.BUT YOU KNOW WHAT THATS MY OPINION LET THEM DO WHAT THEY WANT TO DO ITS THEIR LIFE THEIR CHOICES

  4. Mercy x d only way out of dis situation… Criticism z hopeless right now….. Those ones are gone lets reach out to other perishing souls.Jesus saves.d kingdom of God is at hand. Repent now for tomorrow may be too late..
    It may be too late for them but it isn’t too late for us. Hallelujah

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