Top Ten(10) Best Nollywood Actors of All Times

Hello Guys thank for your request. I have been busy all day making my compilation of the best Nollywood Actors of all times. Keep in mind that my compilation is based on their performance and how cute they are.

Note: this is not a list of richest nollywood actors of all times

1. Richard Mofe Damijo ( RMD )

RMD is cute, he is got one of the cuttest smile in Nollywood and his acting is the top in town.

Don’t ask me why I didn’t choose Van Vicker first, Van Vicker is a cute guy but he is not a Nigerian Period.

2. Ramsey Nouah

All I can say about Ramsey is that he is a genuine actor, he doesn’t over act and he is cute too

3.  Van Vicker

He is a very good Actor, he has featured in most of the best action Nollywood Movie.  He is the very man every lady is dying for. Sorry ladies he is married

4. Jim Iyke

Jim Iyke is not bad looking but because he always acts as a bad boy, people tends to look at him the same way. Do you know he is getting married to His Jamaican Fiance Soon, Click Here To Read More

5. Desmond Elliot

Desmond Elliot I believe is a great actor, he sometimes over act but he is really good overall.  He  recently got into trouble with Nigerian Movie Marketer because of his utterances. I hope he apologize otherwise he might liquidate soon. Click Here To Read The News

6. Yemi Blaq

Yemi Blaq is a very good Nollywood Actor. With his British Accent and his big eye balls, he is one of my favourite Nollywood stars of all times. He is not so popular at the moment  he is surely building momentum.

7. Mike Ezuruonye

Mike Ezuruonye is a very good actor, he is cute too.

8. Nonso Diobi

He is a very youthful and talented actor, best of all I love his smile, if you have watched 9ice wedding day video, you will love his gracious smile.

9. Emeka Ike

Emeka Ike is a really good actor. He is got beautiful eyes.

He hasn’t been so popular recently

10. Chidi Mokeme

Chidi Mokeme is a cute guy. Though, I don’t watch a lot of his movies but with the ones I have watched, he is ok.

That is it guys, watch out for the Top 10 Best Nollywood Actresses of all times.

109 thoughts on “Top Ten(10) Best Nollywood Actors of All Times

  1. all actors are lookin nice nd healthy even they are too sexy pls i want to knw d reason why van vicker was at no 3 why is like dat dere shld be a mix up somewere try nd reshuffle it now

  2. It a very intellegent arrangemnt, but am kinda nt con4tabl wit van vic selectn bcos he nt a nija blood. Nice photos!

  3. i believe yemy blaq should be in no 3 but am sure my big bros will soon top d table i mean no 1 reachest nollywood actor

  4. i dont know about anyone else but my heart is on jim iyke i love him no matter what scandals are going around about him i love him :-)

  5. I like the arrangement. The guys are all gud luking and cute but van vicker suppose not be in the list or the last in the list because he is nigerian

  6. When I watch well-made Nollywood films I feel like breaking into my television to act with the star actors. But I know with time our good dreams will come on screen.
    For now we are still on stage plays as THEATRE ARTS undergraduatets.
    Infact you guy are good

  7. guy u r giving a very wrong impression of nollywood stars, i wld classify ur list as top upcoming young and cute actors wit exceptions of few dat grow up on d screen. talkin abt noolywood all best they wld not meet up wit top 10.

  8. I want to no y Chidi Mokeme appear last instead of being d first or thurd penson i luv him cause is my dream guy.

  9. If you are talking about cute actors then yes I agree with your list. But if you are talking about good acting then Zack Orje should be right at the top of the list.

  10. as 4 me dy ar well hope n dream rilized on nollywood,i jst hope i av an unportunity 2 show case my tallent.

  11. These guys r all 1daful. I feel relax wen i c dem in movies. Unto swags, i prefer jim 2 all, 2nded by desmond

  12. where is muna obiekwe my lovely guy i was even tinkn dat he wl be 1st or 2nd am surprised dat i did not see him here.Where is he?

  13. I luv does actors bcos i normaly watch der movies nd i pry God wl continue 2 strengthng dem nd teach dem d rigt way

  14. the selection is just ok, the best one can think of, but sincerely after RMD should be Emeka then Ezuruonye and the ramsey then follow the order. that is my opinion, not must.

  15. I do have many word to stay for now.But the best and cut guy is jim lyke.He should be no 1.Next time doing this he should take it.He can do anytin.The best.Jim lyke i like u.

  16. Jim iyke is d best and richest actor cos his actions re unpreditable. Look at his step,postion,dressing,speech, oh my God,sumtyms i wil b wonderin if jim is 4rm abroad cos dat guy is above d best ,infact

  17. I love nigeria nolly wood and i am proud to be a nigeria no mater what. All the actors and actresses are hasome and beautiful

  18. R M D has been the my hero i love his action in movies and i love everything about him,brother keep it on love uuuuuu

  19. all the actor are good looking even they shows the sign of health in them all.
    You all are trying your best and your effort will be crowned

  20. they are al cuteie…i love em al…buh i tink dat mike diserve more lift at least 4th position he’s cute or isn’t he??

  21. Where is KANAYO(the best Nollywood actor ) followed by Zack orgy and a few other not featuring on this list!

    • I tink u ar insane, dey ar tokin about actors nd u ar mentioning actresses wn’t u b able 2 dfrenshiet btwn actors/actresses

  22. The list is the best of all times.
    For now, no other like R.M.D. I mean Richard Mofe Damijo.
    He is the best of all times.
    He has been acting as best before you were born.
    He is the Arnold Scwazenegger (COMMANDO) of nollywood

  23. i love all the actors here there are the best i love them.
    if i can speak with anyone one on phone or write me on my email as friend.


  25. All the actors re gud looking and cute,but am also expecting more person there, jim iyk and john dumelu i think dey re also one of the best actors.

  26. I think Yemi Blaq and Emeka Ike are not suppose to be on that list if the above topic is on handsomeness

  27. I think Ramsey should be number one followed by RMD, Jim, Emeka Ezurunye, Nonso,and the rest but Van Vic should be totally removed cos he’s not good at all.

  28. Please i think you are right Mr Richard M D is the most handsome Man ever found in Nolly wood thank you.

  29. Lmao, this list is a joke! Think twas based on looks tho. * and van vicker??? You gotta be kidding me! And where are the old veterans?? (Sam loco, Justus Esiri, Edochie, Ramsey Nouah n other gr8 actors) Twas supposed to be an ‘all times’ list, yea?

  30. Desmond Elliot is good so far i have never got a chance to see him anyway am a UGANDAN hope he visits ug

  31. Common, this list thou interesting isn’t accurate in my opinion, a lot more research should have been conducted b4 publishing this. I think it sud be referred to. As Top 10 goodlooking nollywood actors rather. Ppl who missed this list are Pete Edochie, Saint Obi, Clem Ohameze, Kenneth Okonkwo, Sam Dede.. amongst others!


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