Top 10 Golden Rules To Keep A Man

how to keep your man

July 27, 2012 – Top 10 Golden Rules To Keep A Man

If you have a man in your life whom you’re married to or whom you intend to marry, you need to keep in mind that men operate by principles.

If you’re the kind of woman who likes to have your man 24/7 a day 365 days a year without giving him his own space, problems is imminent.

Whether you intends to make your man interested you,keep him happy, or you want your man to be in love with you, the top 10 golden rules highlighted below will be of help

10 Golden Rules To Keep A Man

To all my beautiful sisters out there, here are the top 10 golden rules to keep your man.

1. Give Him His Space.

2. Be Loyal To Him.

3. Don’t Be Too Demanding

4. Do Not Nag Him

5. Do Not Stalk Him

6. Don’t Ever Compare Him With His Friends Or Anyone.

7. Do Not Cheat On Him

8. Don’t Accuse Him Of Cheating

9. Trust Him

10. Always Be Proud Of Him.

11. Compliment Him Always Don’t Compete With Him.

12. Be Loyal To Him

13. Pray For Him

14. Encourage Him When He’s Down

15. Don’t Suspect Him

Lastly ensure you cook for your man.

Wishing you success in your relationships.

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30 thoughts on “Top 10 Golden Rules To Keep A Man

  1. women this is a key 2 open ur joy of r/ship and dont 4gt to say a big thanks to d writer

  2. @Decency anuri. Ar u sure ur realy decency. Ds s d typ of gal ds article is mearnt 4. U cant even aprecita d writa. Y nt put it in a positiv way if u want women principles.y nonsense? Thumbs up writer

  3. Ithank this writer. If all the girls will accept to adhere strictly to these relationship would have been condusive and a comfortable affair. But girls traded it for economic gain…..

  4. These rules are not forced on any girl anyway, but should incase she wants to keep her man then, that is were it applies. A million thanks to the writer.

  5. Tanks but der no way 2 keep dis guys dis days!But just be Prayerful n Remain Calm!Wit God all tins are possible!

  6. Nice one writer, for the lady annoyed that its always ways of how to care for a man, the ways of taking care of a lady are like 101, n so they tend to be unrealistic. You not wanting to learn from this ones means u r guilty of not doing some of this rules

  7. Hahahah, U don vex ? U’re right anyways. There shld be rules to keep women too. Although, i dnt need it, i have it already.

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