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policemen tied black man to horses

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Video Evidence Of Modern Slavery In America: White Policemen Tie Cuffed Black Man With Rope In Texas

blackman tied rope galverston texas

Video Evidence Of Modern Slavery In America: Outrage As White Policemen Tie Handcuffed Black Man With Rope In Galveston Texas

Few days after the racism inspired shooting in El-Paso, two white policemen in Galveston, Texas, have triggered outrage after a shocking picture surfaced of a handcuffed black man being led through the streets by officers on horseback.

Donald Neely, 43, had been arrested for criminal trespassing close to a private property in Galveston, after having been warned several times not to trespass at this location.

policemen tied black man to horses

However, instead of waiting for a transportation vehicle, two white officers – named as Officer P. Brosch and Officer A. Smith – tied a rope to Mr. Neely’s handcuffs and forced him walk behind their horses for approximately eight blocks to where the mounted patrol unit was situated.

The original video of the shocking incident was posted by Erin Toberman and has gone viral, evoking anger across the racial divide.

What some of the Commenters said on Twitter said:

New York Times: “The image has gone viral and sparked outrage toward the Galveston Police Department, especially among African-American people. Its symbolism, critics said, harked back to the era of slavery and segregation.”.

Here are some comments from concerned African Americans.

That is exactly why they did it. We see white men specifically going to kill brown people &cops specifically going out of their way to kill black people. See a trend? A minority has a broken light & get beaten near death but white mass killers don’t even get a scratch.

Red Robin #CorbynOutrider
This made me sick to my stomach.

This is sickening, Why isn’t every other person isn’t getting out of their cars and protesting. These police are making a statement, that black citizens are less than human. I know I am not a US citizen but the whole world should condemn this. I am so angry.

Philander Wicks
This is dehumanizing and traumatizing. A picture is worth a thousand words. It has a chilling effect and conjures up images from the past of slave catchers bringing back a runaway slave. Utterly Disgusting.



  1. Tejumade

    August 7, 2019 at 12:23 AM

    Britain and American has the highest number of White supremacists in the world. These 2 countries should be boycotted. I’m not surprised seeing this. It is a common day occurrence we don’t see often in the news

  2. Mon

    August 7, 2019 at 1:55 AM

    Let’s face the enslavement happening in Nigeria by the same black people, the so-called elites under the command of Fulanis.

  3. Metu Nyetu

    August 7, 2019 at 1:57 AM

    FOR THE VERY FACT THAT AFRICA IS far less developed than the continents of the west, racism may never stop until there is an improvement. Nevertheless, that doesn’t justify that perverse, aberrant behaviour. Even when these whites do not openly manifest their racist inclinations, they still show it in various other subdued forms. For a direct shot, I watched a social experiment on YouTube just a while ago, where a black child not more than 13years of age is having a big card that boldly reads: I AM HUNGRY. This child stands in a very busy white neighbourhood street, and people are passing by, overlooking the boy. For more than 30mins, not even a bird deigns to crap into the small plate in front of the boy.

    THEREAFTER, THE BLACK BOY IS replaced by a white boy of same age range, and made to stand the very same place the black boy once stood. Your guess is as good as mine: This white boy’s plate is full to the brim within three minutes. People are seen almost thronging to give him something: Money, food; sausage, pizza and the rest. Does that not say a lot about these whites? No wonder the devil is a white guy!

  4. Jilo

    August 9, 2019 at 12:52 PM

    The current US administration under President Trump has been fanning the flame of white supremacy which may cause disunity among American people. This act has since been condemn around the Country and the Galveston Police Chief has apologized on behalf of the two Officers. I cant believe this act of abuse can happen in 2019 but it is happening under President Trump.

    This is to let you know especially those of you at home what Black People or People of Color are facing in Whiteman’s Countries. To be honest with you, not everywhere in the United States, UK or Europe can people of color reside or comfortably live. There are some area where black folks cannot be allowed to reside, this is a fact. That guy was arrested for trespassing in probably in a white neighborhood i’m not really sure but the fact is, what you guys are seeing on the TV is quite different from the reality on the ground. He was born in the United States, an America Citizen and he expected to be treated fairly.

    If not because of public outrage, these Officers could have put the rope in that guys neck like an animal for committing trespassing offence. His only crime was trespassing, not stealing, robbing, killing or other aggravated crimes. To me personally, this is nothing but hatred, intolerance and racial discrimination against black people and the people of colour.

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