Why Do Men Do This In The Public?

men hold crotch public

May 15, 2013 – Why Do Men Do This In The Public?

This question is from a curious fan….

Why do guys hold their cr*tch in the public?

Is it something sexual or are they repositioning themselves? Also, they don’t seem to care if they do it in front of females either. Is this a flirting technique? Just curious..

Oya oya make we answer am quick.

47 thoughts on “Why Do Men Do This In The Public?

  1. I think most men do it to maintain their posture with no disrespect to anyone, Until it becomes a habit.

  2. Ok, why do almost all women hold their breast when running? is it because it will fall off? Certain things are basically natural. There is need to worry on such things. Let the women do their own thing and we the men also do our own thing!

  3. they dont do it for sexual arousal but it’s a natural phenomenon that they do it without realising what they are doing.it boost their morals and also make they realize who they are.it is not for seduction plz.

  4. It’s purely a dirty habit of those bad boys who are ‘GUYS’ especially students,political thugs,cultist boys, airport/motor-park touts e.t.c

  5. when i was growing up, it was a
    sign of toughness, manliness.
    You know one gets older, and it becomes laughable.
    Really amusing…

  6. It just forming, they just feel like doin that, not for swags or for anythin else….. Why Do Women Hold Their Breast While Running?

  7. dey do it jst like formin niga. Do u eva c a normal discipline man doing it? I guess no! So luk @ d life of ppl doing it u cn get so many abnormal tins 4rm dem.

  8. 4 some guys, i thought it’s when their trousers are touching ground. Som r doing it unintensionally while som r nt even care where they are.

  9. its nt decent some do it becus sum pple do its for some reason and them bin ignorant of that purpose do it

  10. We just do it, like me I just do it, until now you guys let me know how much you pay attention to me just being me. Sorry if you got moved in the process but am not quiting.

  11. is nt dat dy ar fuming or gay, most of dm do it in ordert 2 resist 4rm it being eritic. Shy is natuer dat mad it bt i knw very muc is nt gay, dre most be somtin behaid it. Ask d boy vey wil.

  12. Laddies all note this. A laddy call my attention to it in my compound coz I think it happens to me only at home. Reasons: I put on my boxers in a hurry that day n the trousers I wore was suspEnded by no belt. At times erections distuRbances or driving sitting positionS reposition the D*Ck and u just ggat to readjust for comfort, then, it happens unconsciously. ….for “roughians” reasons Are unknw.

  13. Dt s natural 4 any human bein wara abt ladies holdin dia breast wn runin dos it means dt wtout holdin dia 2 orange dia blom blom wl fal or wot i nd coment on ds

  14. It is a nature men alway do dat but it is unconscious when u see a lady and start doing it. It also bring 2 life destrotion.english addage said tell me ur friend nd i wil tell u who u are

  15. leave the girls out of this the question was why men do this in public not why girl do this in public.i think that it is because their trousers are to tight are it disturbs their d**ck and for trousers that are not to slim it is because their d**ck is not well positioned to all my guys out there do what you think is good for you.

  16. It’s a bad habit. At least if one should do it, not in public. And you expect a hand shake after such, it’s dirty. And most dudes are too use to it. Sad much tho.

  17. Hahaha! Meeen…i do such only when i wear trouser with no belt… But its not gud it makes men look like a play boy!!..

  18. thesame with the girls you see most of yhem stretching and positioning their bra in the public

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