Woman Sues Husband For Spending More Bed Time With Second Wife

woman sues husband sex second wife

May 27, 2013 – Woman Sues Husband For Spending More Time In Bed With Second Wife

A 35-year old woman, Maryam Mohammed, on Monday sued her husband, Adamu Mohammed, before an Area Court in Lugbe, Abuja for allegedly spending more nights with his second wife.

The Plaintiff, who lives in Sabon-Lugbe on Airport Road, accused her husband, also of the same address, of neglect, selfishness and starving her of sex and food.

Maryam said her parents had been sending food to her. She, therefore, urged the court to dissolve the marriage forthwith, to enable her to marry another man who can take care of her.

“My Lord, whenever it is my turn for the night, my husband would sneak into the bedroom of my second and spend the night there. He has neglected me, he has become very selfish and no longer gives me food or money for my feeding.

“Rather, it is my parents who have been sending me food. I am seeking immediate divorce to enable me to marry a man that can take care of me,’’ she said.

The defendant, however, denied his wife’s claims.

Mohammed said he could not satisfy his wife’s needs because he had been sick for a long time.

“My Lord, I cannot satisfy her needs because of my prolonged illness. Now that I am getting better and I still love her, I urge her to stay and the court should not grant her any divorce,’’ he said.

The Presiding Judge, Mr Haruna Masanawa, adjourned the case to June 3 for further hearing and directed both parties to come with their parents or witnesses.

[Source: PM News]

19 thoughts on “Woman Sues Husband For Spending More Bed Time With Second Wife

  1. Oh i tot its only d hausa men dat press for divorce,so evn d women. Tor shikena. D woman has given serki uku. Dats final divocce.. Na wa wa o. Polygamist treligion in nature. U c y jesus said 1wife . Husband? Ok o

    • you are only desiving yourself polygamy is allover independent of religion
      but its only rampant in muslim religion christen are worst because they do it secreatly go and see what all this pastors are doing to church members you will discurver its general problem not realigion

      • abeg dis adex try and update ur grammatical expression or are u still a barbarian ;;;;; wake up be ursef and let christianity be

  2. …should it even be that the person in question is a MUSLIM, the picture of context is not in any way BEFITTING because POLYGAMY is a commandment to whosoever has the capability amongst muslims.it is not supposed to be ridiculed!

  3. let me tell u guys something even in the so-called monogamy marrieges u still see cases of men claiming to be practicing monogamy but still having concubine they mess around with, please stop ridiculing the act, is allowed in some religion and way of life, so therefore don’t redicule people way of life or religion…

  4. They are tired. dont u c their girls protesting? thank God no more almajeri. u cnt sex u cant féd and u are marrying many wives. woman go n look for fellow hausa man who can fuck u well jare

  5. I said CAPITAL YES TO POLYGAMY. Because many pastors, Reverence, Arch bishops and even Pops are now Pregnating even teenage girls in the world. So its a wisdom that Islam permit marrying more than one wife.

  6. Man u should ve satisfy her or stay wit her for her own time or is it bcs d second wife is still a Chasis engine datz y u love to drive d car everyday and leave d first car na waaaoooooooooooo

  7. Islam permits a man to marry up to 4 wives if he can treat them equally or shld marry only one if he wld not be able to give fair treatment 4 more than one.There are many women looking for husbands to marry and they cld not so why not try polygamy?Woman no be wood o,is better than having illegal sex and prostitution.

  8. we need tu work things out in our own homes and a-fix why we are in our own religeon’s what we live and die for why we are here and make world catastrophy when we wont bare all

  9. y always the attack in muslims or their religion islam this means definately their is a sign of truitfulness in their religion

  10. Ofcos evri woman desve 2 hav sex…bt lyk we al knw islam 4bide dat a wuman wu gave out ha bodi 4anoda persin wil surely b purnishd…rather dan ha husband!!

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