Wole Soyinka’s CNN Interview Video “President Jonathan’s Pride Worsens Boko Haram Attacks”

wole soyinka cnn interview video

May 7, 2014 – Video: Wole Soyinka Blasts Jonathan For Acting Late On Boko Haram Attacks In Nigeria

Wole Soyinka’s CNN Interview Video “President Jonathan’s False Pride Worsens Boko Haram Attacks”

Prof Wole Soyinka was interviewed by CNN’s Christiane Amanpour yesterday where he discussed a whole lot about the current Boko Haram menace in Nigeria and how President Jonathan has delayed help that could have turned down the terrorist attacks on innocent civilians.

Wole Soyinka said, “President Jonathan should have asked for it (assistance) from the very beginning. I don’t believe in false pride. The history of the movement to which Boko Haram belongs is one which is a menace to the entire world.

“This is a government which is not only in denial mentally but is in denial of certain obvious steps to take. It is the missing humanity that the problem will go away; an attitude that occurs in the subconscious.

“But, one thing is certain, the President and his government cannot sleep easily after what has happened to Nigeria. The era of denial and indifference has ended. The situation has now gone beyond the President and the solution must be internationalised.”

On Patience Jonathan’s press conference where she cried et al, he said: “Please, I do not want to say anything about that woman who calls herself the First Lady of Nigeria. No, I wont.”

Watch the video below: