Yasmin Eleby’s Self Marriage, Wedding Pictures: American Woman Marries Herself In Houston Texas

yasmin eleby wedding photos

Jan 26, 2015 – Yasmin Eleby’s Self Marriage, Wedding Photos: American Woman Marries Herself In Houston Texas Because She Could Not Find Husband

A beautiful US-based woman has turned her disappointment into a blessing.

Meet 40-year-old Yasmin Eleby who fulfilled a promise she made to herself over 10 years ago over the weekend. Miss Eleby promised herself a lavish self wedding if no man proposed to her when she reache 40 years of age.

Since self marriage is illegal in the United States of America, Eleby hired one of her sisters who is a Pastor to help say her vows.

In the self marriage vows, Eleby vows to love, forgive and honour herself. See more photos from Yasmin Eleby’s self wedding ceremony below:

woman marries herself texas

self wedding ceremony

It is not possible to marry oneself…. no way.

With this publicity stunt, hope a man will finally come into her life to break the yoke of loneliness.

Loneliness hurts! Feel like crying for her.