Yvonne Nelson’s Beach Birthday Party In Accra, Ghana (Pictures)

yvonne nelson beach birthday party

Nov 13, 2013 – Yvonne Nelson’s Beach Birthday Party In Accra, Ghana (Photos)

Ghana-born actress Yvonne Nelson who turned 28-year-old on Tuesday November 12th, 2013 celebrated her birthday on the beach as usual.

The House of Gold star gathered together popular Gollywood celebrities like Majid Michel, Van Vicker and others to celebrate her birthday in style.

According to sources, the beach party that held in Accra, Ghana yesterday was well attended by celebrities who are close friends of the actress.

See photos from Yvonne Nelson’s beach birthday party below:

Yvonne Nelson, Chris Attoh & Majid Michel

Van Vicker, Yvonne Nelson & Majid Michel

26 thoughts on “Yvonne Nelson’s Beach Birthday Party In Accra, Ghana (Pictures)

    • some comment are just stupid.
      didn’t you hear..beach party! what do you expect her to wear? or is she the only one in bikini.
      abeg…your comment no get sense jos.

  1. That’s a sweet birthday to remember,very beautiful.thanks girl for. posting this,Am gonna steal this for my big that’s coming up soon,so fresh and unique.

  2. @ FUNMI is dis d way u were thought in ur CHURCH???
    Is’t in ur on BIBLE dat u found dat BIKINI PARTY is good???
    or do u fink dat,dat ur half-naket dress will take u to d right man??? NO!!!), u’re totally lost by ur PASTORS and in ur on SCRIBTURE,d BIBLE does nt show u d way of xposing ur body,and d pastors are nt preaching abt it,
    All dey knw is to collect ur offering to go and build manssionss SCRABSS!.

  3. Ms RED darlyn, i dnt rily undstnd wat u meant by ur Big bt if dat‘s in anyway mean ur birth day den i dnt tink it ll work coz, i will nt hv u celebrate ur BD @ d beach 2 hv ur body xposed 2 d whole World in d name of celebration, NO, NEVER.

    Dat Nelson did hers dat way doesn‘t mean is generally acceptable. Thr r beta ways of celebrating ur birthday w/t causing a stir. Wat of in a gerden surrounded by beautiful flowers? Tink of it, I tink i lk dat, yeah. Love “U“.

  4. Just Imagine that people, why cant she travel out of the country like people from Nigeria do, to Dubai or South Africa, just for the birthday you could have being celebrate with the love ones back at home, e.g, family and friends.

  5. @ SOlid QUaran never u speak disrespectful to the man of God or else the anger of God will come upon you. Fumni comments on her own understanding so why the mixed up here?

  6. d pics ar wonderful,d bikini is not bad,it d right outfit 4 dis occasion,so nobody shld conderm dia outfit.”it’s a beach party”lov it

  7. my dear critics please leave the girl alone,, what do you expect her to wear to the beach,,,iro and buba? she has abeautiful body and we thank god for that. in the olden days…they wore nothing to the beach..and yet,in there heart..they were just taking a bath..so my dear critics…it is the content of the heart that matters..not a priest or imam that covers all, yet their heart is as rotten as a spoilt potatoes…she is not the only one at the beach…she is a celebrity!!!

  8. HBD Drama Queen.Na wah 4 people sha,u insult her but at the same tym u wish 2 hv her in ur arms,ur sisters could even be worst than her or did u marry ur wivies as VIRIGINs. NDI OSU IMI.keep it up’the gossips and insults’it will put benjamins in ur pockets NDI ALA

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