120 Boko Haram Members Arrested By The Nigerian Army During Commander’s Burial

boko haram members arrested

May 21st, 2013 – 120 Boko Haram Militants Arrested By The Nigerian Army During Commander’s Burial

Nigeria’s military said Monday it had re-established control in five remote areas of the northeast where Boko Haram insurgents had seized territory, as it pressed on with a sweeping offensive against them.

Several thousand troops were last week deployed across three states in the volatile region, and fighter jets have pounded Boko Haram camps as the military tries to rid the country of “terrorist activities.”

The military has “secured the environs of New Marte, Hausari, Krenoa, Wulgo and Chikun Ngulalo after destroying all the terrorists’ camps,” a defence ministry statement said.

All of the areas recaptured in northern Borno state near the Cameroon border were considered Boko Haram stranglehold.

President Goodluck Jonathan sent troops in after declaring a state of emergency in Borno and two neighbouring states of Yobe and Adamawa.

He said Boko Haram — whose shifting demands include the creation of an Islamic state in Nigeria’s mainly Muslim north — had chased out local officials in some areas and removed the Nigerian flag.

Residents in New Marte and Krenoa said they were among the areas targeted by military air strikes.

“The troops are already interacting with locals and citizens assuring them of their safety and freedom from the activities of insurgents,” the statement added.

The military said that 120 suspected insurgents were arrested while organising the funeral of one of their leaders in Maiduguri, who had “died in an encounter with special forces the previous day.”

The arrested suspects are being interrogated by the military, said the statement, adding that troops had also blocked insurgents trying to flee towards neighbouring Chad and Niger.

Sources in Cameroon said thousands of Nigerians fleeing the fighting had crossed the border in recent days.

“Since Nigeria declared the state of emergency, they have been coming here,” a Cameroonian security official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

An AFP reporter in the village of Seram, barely a mile from the Nigerian border, saw several hundred Nigerian civilians who had set up camp.

Aly Doukar, a Nigerian driver from the village of Woulgo, said his home was deserted when he returned from work last week.

“When I enquired, I heard the army had been there and fired shots in the air. I was told my family had fled to Cameroon. This is why I am here, I’ve come to bring them back,” he said.

The remote, thinly populated region of northern Nigeria has porous borders where criminal groups and weapons have flowed freely for years, and the army has deployed troops to seal border crossings.

The military on Saturday imposed a round-the-clock curfew in 12 Maiduguri neighbourhoods considered Boko Haram strongholds.

There is a risk of high civilian casualties, with Nigerian military having been accused of massive rights abuses in the past.

The Boko Haram conflict is estimated to have cost 3,600 lives since 2009, including killings by the security services.

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21 thoughts on “120 Boko Haram Members Arrested By The Nigerian Army During Commander’s Burial

  1. May Almighty Allah help d military , give them strenght to destroy this terrorist called bokoharam. Bcos NigerIa is one nation nd no body frm d pit of hell will separate us. Peace nd Unity will return to Nigeria by God grace.

  2. May Almight Allah protect Nigeria amry fighting for our country Nigeria,kill all terrorist and send the rest to die in Afganistian not Nigeria, we have 1 Flag and secular religion.

  3. Ameena u are a big dreamer,9ja don tiyer,for me am a biaframite,u are a bokomite,it will be so if power will stay here in south/east for 37yrs,before we will agree on seculation of it,hahaahahahaahahahahahhahhahahah am a biafran soldier up up biafra

  4. they thought they can fight government now is their time to cry foolish creature……motherf**kers

  5. What is de need of catching those fools called boko are rams and not killing them instantly considering de numbers of peoples they av wasted? imagine those who cant speak common broken english not to talk of writting their name. their body will answer dem atleast ds time around. kudos to nigerian army

  6. divid is d only solution. Notin like one 9ja. 2 boko 4 what belong 2 dem. 2 biafra what belong 2 dem. Wit dis peace will reign.

  7. JTF, pls no arrest of bokoharam members bcos they wud be released later. Finish them so that Nigeria can know peace. Now they wud understand that Nigerian Army is no nonsense force.May God be with you guys as you send them to go and marry 72 virgins ASAP. Amen.

  8. Nigerian Army kodu. Arrest these Boko haram and kill immediately. If you arrest them and take to prison, they will be release later to still plan on how to continue attacking barracks and Churches. Please waste them to go and marry 72 Aljanna women. That is what they want want. May God protect Nigerian forces.

  9. Nigerian Army kodus. Arrest these Boko haram and kill immediately. If you arrest them and take to prison, they will be release later to still plan on how to continue attacking barracks and Churches. Please waste them up to go and marry 72 Aljanna women in their Aljanna. That is what they want. The work of Allah by these Jihadists will not stop till the all die and no one could again attack barracks or churches. What these Islamic Jihadists are doing is a struggle given to them by their god “allah” which they have to continue with. May God help and protect Nigerian Forces all Nigerians.

  10. Duke you are Mad….coz of you pple thought, thats why d power has not return to the east…God is good all the time, may God forgive those people who have lost their life in the struggles and May tha Lord kill all those who still have that evil mind toward Nigeria like you Amen

  11. Amen humble soul. Naija does nt nid ppl lyk duke. Anyone atemptin 2 divide naija wil b divided cz Gd is on d throne.

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