2 Nigerian Hajj Pilgrims Beaten By Police In Saudi Arabia, 1 Rushed To Hospital

nigerian hajj pilgrims beaten saudi police

August 18, 2017 – 2 Nigerian Hajj Pilgrims Beaten By Saudi Arabian Police, 1 Rushed To Hospital

Saudi Arabian police have beaten two Nasarawa pilgrims as a result of which one them sustained head injuries.

According to our findings, the pilgrims who arrived last Wednesday were detained at the Medina airport for nine hours before the incident.

One of the officials of the Nasarawa State Pilgrims Welfare Agency, Malam Lawal Ahmad told Daily Trust that the pilgrims were earlier checked and nothing indiscriminating was found with them.

“They were checked and okayed by the custom only to be called by some police officers who kept them waiting for nine hours before asking them to enter into one room,” he said

Ahmad added: “They were adamant because they didn’t know their motive, so they forced them into the room and started beating them up, as a result one of them sustained injuries on the head.”

When contacted the Coordinator, National Hajj Commission in Madina, Dr. Bello Tambuwal confirmed the incident.

He said the commission had reported the matter to the appropriate authority for investigation and further action as they would not allow their pilgrims to be maltreated unjustly.

However, Ahmad said the injured pilgrim had been treated and discharged.

7 thoughts on “2 Nigerian Hajj Pilgrims Beaten By Police In Saudi Arabia, 1 Rushed To Hospital

  1. i ve said it numerous times.stay in your country and perform hajj.with large sparse land in the north,map out somewhere and erect edifice that will be used for hajj.it will save us headache, money and embarrassment.i doubt if they are innocent ,remebered ladies heading to hajj the other time nabbed for having abortion ,just for them to sneak into saudi arabia.go to india,libya,south africa,europe..we are molested everywhere.stay in your domot.what am i saying.our london based president is in oyinbo man country for more than hundred days..yeye de smell


    • You are right on this one Ade Eagle. The rhetoric “Tori Olohun ko de Mecca” is not a slogan, it is for real. You have to live among them to know how wicked they are. They don’t have any respect for black people, Infact they look upon us as slaves. We meant nothing to them yet our people always give them the highest respect because prophet Muhammad came from that end.

      According to the history do you know how wicked they were toward their own prophet?. They are beating us now, gradually they will try to come with a new measure to enslave us. This is really sad. If those guys have committed any offense, they should have let the law takes its course. They will never do such thing to any US or UK pilgrim. Our poor economic situation has a significant role to play in this maltreatment.

  3. That the government even spends scarce resources on hajj is more pathetic. What is the co tribution of the so called hajj to Nigeria’s GDP? Wasteful nation!
    Dem never start to beat you, sha no go spoil Naija bad name for you yeye tourism!

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