Another Bomb Blast Hits Bauchi 11 People Killed

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Jan 22, 2012 – Another Bomb Blast Hits Bauchi 11 People Killed

According to AP/Reuters, at least 11 people were killed in separate attacks in Bauchi early this morning after two churches were struck by explosions.

The attacks on the churches happened at 2 a.m., early Sunday morning and Bauchi state commissioner of police Ikechukwu Aduba this afternoon confirmed that a total of 11 people were killed in the explosions and other overnight attacks, including civilians, police and army personnel who were running a check point.

Boko Haram is yet to claim responsibilty for the attacks

9 thoughts on “Another Bomb Blast Hits Bauchi 11 People Killed

  1. Hmmm! Is this how we will continue to live in this country? Baba God save us from the hands of the wicked ones.

  2. Oh dat God dat dwells in d midst of Cherubim nd Seraphim above,arise 2d rescue of ur innocent children,dat which we do not no,may it neva no us,AMEN.

  3. Dis is nw a battle against religions,God of Elijah is time 2 show d bokos dat u ar d true God.arise 2 our breakthrough dat they shal bow n worship ur glory as u did in d time of prophet of baal

  4. I don’t knw why human being are killing other being like an Animal. It’s bcos there is no more good leaders again, and i knw there are some but they are few. If there is this present situation must have been stop, my friend don’t let people to deceived u bcos no one can be trust again expecially those our leaders.

  5. What is the meaning of all this rubbish, does it mean that boko harram pass this country? Let our federal government do some thing about this or….

  6. One of the popularly read book in the Quran ‘injil’ encourages islam to beleive in Jesus and his sermon on ‘LOVE’. Where is now the love when you kill someone you claimed to have offended you. It will nice to know that there is no justice in taking someone’s life since vengance belong to God Almigty. Embrace peace and not war.

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