Beyonce Buys $5million Watch Birthday Gift For Jay-Z

beyonce $5million watch jay z

Dec 7, 2012 – Beyonce Buys $5million Watch 43rd Birthday Gift For Jay-Z

American music star, Beyonce Knowles on December 5, 2012 lashes her husband Jay-z with one of the most expensive gift in the world, a whopping $5 million Hublot wrist watch.

Jay-Z marked his 43rd birthday on Wednesday Dec 5 and to his surprise, Beyonce gave him a diamond-encrusted Hublot wrist watch.

According to reliable reports, the wrist watch has 1,282 diamonds with a price value of $5m.

Whaooo this man is one of the luckiest husband alive.

22 thoughts on “Beyonce Buys $5million Watch Birthday Gift For Jay-Z

  1. Wasting of money, better invaluable thing could be done than this bcos what do u think someone without food on his/her table will think of.

  2. Make una dey buy am within una sef, dey give within una sef.. una 2 don see mumu.. Bugatti worth ($2m)earlier this year, Private Jet worth ($40m) last month, now na ($5m) wrist watch…..see them…lol

  3. Someppl don’t value wat dey av until dey lose it,she had a gift but decided to sell it at a cheaper price, I hope she enjoys her life while it lasts, cos dats d only thing she is goin to enjoy.

  4. I don't know how these people sleep at night….really? anyone and I mean anyone that needs a $5 million dollar watch is selfish and ridiculous. I don't care that you have money to burn, that you really didn't do anything that great to earn it, but, how can you sleep knowing that there is 1 homeless person in the US? I will never understand that, all these stars and sports athletes have enough money together that no one should be homeless in our country. You will answer for what you did with what God let you have.

  5. All comments are good once but mine is that to whom much is given, much is xpected in the way and work of God towards assiting and helpless.

  6. I don't understand why people get so annoyed with what other people do with THEIR money. There are TONS of celebrities (including both Jay Z and Beyonce) that give back to the homeless, communities, charities, etc… but when they do something outlandishly lavish for themselves, all of you come out the wood works with your opinions. If you care that much about homeless people, learn to sing and dance, throw a football or shoot 3 pointers, then you can give all of YOUR money away as YOU see fit. Until then, pipe down!

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