Beyonce & Jay-Z Buy $80,000 Barbie Doll As Blue Ivy’s First Birthday Gift

baby blue ivy barbie doll

Jan 13, 2013 – Beyonce & Jay-Z Buy $80,000 Barbie Doll As Baby Blue Ivy’s First Birthday Gift

Baby Blue Ivy‘s papa and mama, celebrity couple Beyonce and Jay-Z surprised their one-year-old daughter with a whopping $80,000 customized Barbie Doll as her very first birthday gift on January 7th, 2013.

The American stars reportedly spent close to $80,000 on the diamond encrusted Barbie Doll toy for their beautiful one year old daughter, Baby Blue Ivy.

Baby Blue Ivy’s customized barbie doll was adored with 160 gems and white gold jewellery.

To crown it all up, the wealthy stars surprised their baby daughter with a princess-theme birthday party in the company of family and friends.

Below is a detail breakdown of what the mega-star spent for Blue Ivy’s first birthday bash that took place in New York.

  • White and Pink roses decorations – £60,000
  • Birthday cake – £1,500
  • Accessories and toys for the birthday – £20,000

Adults who graced baby blue Ivy’s birthday party also received bags full of goodies which include personalized golden pens engraved with Blue Ivy’s picture and their individual names plus concert tickets.

18 thoughts on “Beyonce & Jay-Z Buy $80,000 Barbie Doll As Blue Ivy’s First Birthday Gift

  1. Luvly bee. Do ur thing cos its ur money. Illuminati or not,u go use ur head carry am. Appreciate gud tinz wen u c is left wit dem n God Almighty.stop judgin

  2. Iluminaty or not, mind ur own probs.. Na una Holy pass abi?? Una jst d jelos dis family. Make i hear say na get d opotunity nd na no go for it.. Big ups to J&B, nd Appy Bday to Baby Ivy..

  3. yeah,every1 knws Jay z well. It’s nt sumthin we shd talk abt. Yeah,It’s much 4 d baby… & d same x,hpy bday 2 a little gal. @ d age of 5yrs,mayb they’ll buy her hammer,lolz…

  4. Josepjine na truth u talk, poor people are too jealous, enjoy urself life is good, if God bless u enjoy it, don’t mind wat people are say

  5. Omaga o
    Who r u 2 judge dem?
    Let them life their live u go live your’s n stop making ur self look like a saint.

  6. no matter what u say ,they got it all,its on them 2 spend their money and not up to you to decide how they should spend it.y dont u go look for how u can get yours

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