Boko Haram’s Attack Threats Hit Lagos: Nigerian Immigration Service Deports Over 50 Illegal Immigrants From Chad, Niger & Mali

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March 26, 2013 – Boko Haram Attack Threats Hit Lagos: Nigerian Immigration Service Deports Over 50 Illegal Immigrants From Chad, Niger & Mali

The Nigerian Immigration Service has commenced the mass deportation of illegal aliens arrested in different parts of Lagos State, southwest Nigeria following fears of the presence of suspected Boko Haram members in the state.

Security has been beefed up at strategic areas in the state to prevent attack on Lagos by Boko Haram extremists`.

In order to beef up security at the grassroots, Governor Babatunde Fashola met with thousands of officials of the Neighbourhood Watch outfit at the Lagos Television ground today.

Also yesterday, the Hausa community leaders in Lagos vowed to fish out members of the Boko Haram sect planning to attack Lagos.

P.M.NEWS gathered this morning that illegal aliens from Chad, Niger, Mali, among others will be deported in order to avert terrorist attack on Lagos, with a population of 20 million and the commercial nerve centre of the nation.

Police sources confirmed that over 50 illegal aliens were handed over to the immigration for screening and onward deportation to their countries immediately as they constitute security threat to the state.

It was gathered that 61 suspects were taken to the Lagos State Taskforce office at the weekend out of which 55 were handed over to immigration authorities for screening and deportation.

Police sources told P.M.NEWS this morning that the illegal aliens were arrested at Ijora, Lekki and some parts of the state, adding that over 100 illegal aliens were arrested during the raid.

Our source added that the raid was ongoing and that the police would not relent until they fish out bad elements posing security threats to the state.

Following threats posed by Boko Haram, Fashola addressed thousands of Neigbourhood Watch officials today where he told them to brace up for the challenge ahead and ensure that terrorists did not creep into the state. The governor said the officers must police the grassroots appropriately and ensure that strange elements were identified, arrested and handed over to the police for prompt action.

He said the state relied and believed in them as grassroots security outfit to be vigilant and on the alert at all times and work with community leaders to identify people with nefarious purpose. Before the meeting, the Lagos State Government had been meeting with officials of the Neigbourhood Watch on monthly basis to evaluate how they have gone about policing the grassroots. Tomorrow, Fashola is also expected to convene an emergency State Security Council Meeting at the State House, Marina. He is expected to address top police, military, navy, State Security Service, SSS chiefs on the need to strategise to sustain the existing peace and security in the state.

Police Commissioner, Umar Manko, heads of military formations, among others will be at the meeting, which is expected to last for hours, after which the press would be briefed on the outcome. On Monday, the Hausa community leaders in Lagos said they would not relent until they fish out Boko Haram members trying to attack the state.

This follows the discovery of arms and bomb stocked by terrorists to attack Lagos at Aromire Street, Ijora Badia area of the state. The Seriki Hausawa of Lagos, Alhaji Sanni Kabir said this on Monday at the palace of the Ojora of Ijora in Ijora Badia, while on a solidarity visit to the monarch.

He decried the discovery of arms and ammunition in possession of terrorists planning to attack the state.

“We are part and parcel of Lagos State and this community. We will not destroy and will not be part of plans to destroy the state. That is why we are here on solidarity visit. The perpetrators must be fished out.

“All the Serikis in the state have resolved to be on the alert. If we notice any strange face in our community or suspicious movement, we will report immediately to the police,” he said.

According to Kabir, there is need for security agencies in the state to be proactive in their approach to security surveillance as they must beef up security in strategic areas.“I appeal to all our nationalities to be peace loving and remain calm as the they go about their businesses,” he said. The Ojora of Ijora, Oba Fatai Oyeyinka warned members of the Boko Haram sect to stay away from his domain.

The monarch blamed Bayelsa State Government for abandoning the property used by the terrorists to store arms, saying that he had written to the Lagos State Government to revoke the certificate of occupancy to the land and pull down the structure now serving as a haven for criminals.

[By Kazeem Ugbodaga, PM News]

10 thoughts on “Boko Haram’s Attack Threats Hit Lagos: Nigerian Immigration Service Deports Over 50 Illegal Immigrants From Chad, Niger & Mali

  1. Am very happy, they think here is north,where everybody is Boko Harm or afried to say it out,that this person or that person boko,we dont need them here, we in s.west are securly religion people,are not Fanatics like them in the northern nigeria,niger,mali,somali and cameron.more over theri are just to much now moving into s.west and s.east bring with them boko and herdmens distroying farms around,any the rest are too dirty all area they live dirty and begger every where,pls, send them back to norther nigeria to their brothers and sisters their which both have same belives,western education is sins and hate other tribes and religions.

  2. they talk about deportetion as if it is dificult to come in to 9ja, if F gov, is serious about fighting b haram they should secue our border,

  3. kudos’ to Nigerian Immigration for the deportation of those Hoodlums, they are responsible for all the attacks because life means noting to them.

  4. Kudos Nigerian Immigration/Security services! May God Almighty continue to give you wisdom of detecting such hoodlums. I think, it is even high time to give any Muslim immigrant to Nigeria from Niger, Mali, Cameroun, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia Egypt a date line to leave Nigeria or be killed. They are the ones fueling all these Boko haram problems in Nigeria. After that, any time these people are coming to the Country again, they should be screan throughly at the borders.

  5. It is a job well done by the Lagos state governor. Infact this is what the North suppose to would have done long time ago, but they failed. As i said before most of these terrorists are not Nigerians, but the northern states failed to fish them out or rather deport them back to their countries, that is the reason why the north today has become a burrial ground for innocent people, a land filled will the blood of young and adulta. The question is, if the northern region uptill now fail to take proactive measures to eliminate these terrorist group, until when will they realise the destructions this thing has caused and take action?

    • Sorry Mr. Townboy, it was a mistake, i don’t not mean to call Cameroon. It is Chad Republic i meant to Write. Cameroon need to be careful not to allow those hoodlums keep on increasing in the Country.

  6. This problem can only be checked if there is a republic of hausa/fulani islmic, country where they would stay and practice their common idealogy of practising islam and not going to school. However, kudos to Fashola and Lagos Security. They have shown that West is not into stupidity of practicing a religion of vampire. Deport all of them to Afganistan, Mali, Niger, Chad, etc. These people add nothing economical to any state or nation. They are only parasites living on tax payers’ sweat. Check them out: they dont rent house, they dont buy property; all they have is mat and plastic kettle for washing their ass. They are only nuissance. Now they have prepared to bite the finger that feeds them. THEY LACK HUMAN THINKING FACULTY.

  7. My big questions are, who accepted d animals of boko haram as u pple have asserted? Who incorporated dem into d society? Who feeds dem,cloth and shelter dem? Who equipped dem machinerily? Who tot dem how,what and where to destroy in Nigeria? Think twiceeeee oooo u pple!! Dey say dat one day when a master of a dog refuses or 4get 2feed his canivoropus dog,d master will become d food of d dog. Also knw dat there,s no smoke without a fire oooo. A word is suficient for d wise.

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