Boko Haram Commander Escapes From Police Custody In Abuja

boko haram commander escapes from custody

Nov 9, 2012 – Boko Haram Commander Escapes From Police Custody In Abuja

Mohammed Kachalla , a Boko Haram commander that was arrested back in January of this year has escaped from a police custody in Abuja on Thursday the 8th of November 2012.

According to security sources, Mohammed Kachalla who was arrested alongsides another Boko Haram terrorist, Kabir Sokoto in January 2012 has escaped from a police cell in Abuja.

Here is an update on this story,

Mohammed Kachalla who was arrested in January was escorted to an undisclosed hospital after he fell sick.

He actually escaped from the hospital while in custody of some Nigerian police officers.

49 thoughts on “Boko Haram Commander Escapes From Police Custody In Abuja

  1. Of a truth, the security are involved in this Boko Haram thing. They are the boko haram themselves. How can this happen? So many will loose their jobs then

  2. O boy….wahala dey 4 dis our country.wetin dey been keep such person do. Since why thy no been Kill lam.ok nah,mek una wait 4 him 2 teach una somthing. Na police normal be moni thy collect to free him? HmmGej i pity uuuuuuo cos those u work with are all wrong people.

  3. That confirms the suspicion of most Nigerians that this cancerous group is everywhere, even among the security operatives of the nation. How many times have we heard this very situation of members of Boko Haram escaping? Shame on the Police Force. Mshew !!!

    • I think the police memeber of Boko Haram released him they all should get fired for that atrocities. Is it not enough that Boko Haram has killed many lives.

  4. majority of northern nigeria police,are boko harm members themself,evev the southerner police once giving money will let boko man go free,they are corupption nr-1 force,enemy of progress,shame on u.that reason i dont care about this northner people the cover up their self many of them ,not all.give them their own country to rule ,any kind og system of Govt.they want,and have peace,send them out of our country and tell our people to all come back home finish,we are not one country,we dont think one ,we cant be one love nation,but only force nation,we are in 2012,let stop this follow follow by force.



  6. It a big shame 4 nigeria policeforce,all of this is plan even all the high leader of this nation are boko this nation is in trouble

  7. Hahahahahahahah, who is fooling who? There is no need to say a boko haram man escaped from police cell, it does not resonate, we are not fools;all they can rightly say is "a boko haram commander released from police cell, otherwise how many innocent people have escaped from police cell?

  8. This could be a ploy by the police to make him feel escaped and make him lead them to Boko Haram hideout without his consent. They’ll eventually rearrest him along with other Boko Haramists.

  9. This na d condition dey give b4 dialoge wit Nigerian government,dey(government)wan use indirect way fulfil.Another person wil soon escape

  10. Nig force una be mumu very big 1,so una tink we no sabi any tin,na only bribe una go de chop 1 day una go die,useless piple.

  11. Previously this happen not a time juping of monkey from one tree 2 another is not make mönkey 2 become a goriller’. monkey is a monkey goriller is a goriller lack of insecurity in Nigeria numerous this Nigerian police they dönt know how to arest torrism is only 2 chiet innocent this act of berbarism this is the calamity that nigerian harsh leather will face we will keep praying my Allah guide the people and distroy the nation of bad leather

  12. Stupid ! This type of story is never told anywhere but in Naija. The police on duty should be sacked and drag to court for imprisonment. God help us in this Nigeria.

  13. I think d Govt should do whteva dat pleases dem and let d poor masses do their own. Govt is Boko haram and Boko haram is Govt. D Govt felt dat Nigerians population is over and d only way 2 reduce it by using Boko haram 2 reduce d people. Dat was y dey released dere Boko haram commander. Hw many of d top, present and past Govt officials were affected by d bombings, killings, arsons, slaughterings of dis Boko haram inhumanity 2 human? Only d poor. none of u will escape Gods judgement

  14. Wel, 4 me all i knew is dt watever goes up mst surely coms down! 4 u stupid SANI-mohammed BOKO HARAM COMMANDER or watever u cald ur self ur jeneration 2 revelations mst sufar all d evil tins u ve don, ur doin it cos of money, sake of religion or watever ur doin it cos of u ll regrate y u did it nd dose pples dt send u ll laught u @ last nd u ll also die lyk rat nd b trol in d bush lyk rat nt buried UDENE ll also eat ur me nd @ last u go hell fire. Dis i pray trought christ our lord

  15. Listen All of U! we can all stay in our houses and say all we want bt the truth is we are all wasting our precious time. Lets be the change that we desire. Let me ask us what have we done to curb these situations that has been hunting us right into our homes? we only have online power to type and go to bed. Where are the LUTHERS OF OUR TIME? we are all responsible for what is happening in Nigeria. Listen A 14 yrs old school girl from Pakistan stood-up against the law that is hindering girls from going to school. And as a result she was shot by talibans and she is now undergoing treatments. Just 14 yrs and she has won over 20 peace AWARD. if u’r 18-35 yrs den U’r suppose to stand up for ur right. Bt nobody wants to DIE so we hide and complain. Gandih of India stood against the BRITISH BY A NONE VIOLENCE PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION TILL HE BECAME THE FATHER OF NATION(INDIA). WHAT HAVE WE TRY TO DO ABOUT OUR PRESENT CONDITIONS. ME I REFUSE TO BE NAMED AMONG TIMID SOULS WHOSE MADE NO FOOTPRINTS IN THE SOUND OF TIME, WHOSE NEITHER TASTED SHAME,FAME OR DEFEAT FOR THE FEAR OF FAILURE I SAY THEY HAVE FAILED.MY TIME IS COMING WHEN I’LL BE BACK TO FIGHT AGAINST THESE MENACE!! WE HAVE THE POWER,UNDERSTANDING, STRENGTH,NUMBER,WISDOM AND STRATEGY AS YOUTHS TO FIGHT FOR OUR RITES WITHOUT ANYTHING STOPPING US. BT WE RATHER CHOOSE TO COMPLAIN AND BESIDE LINED!!! ‘MY PEOPLE PERISH FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE IS SO TRUE’!!!

  16. Dis is unbelieveable dat such tins happen at Nigeria force headquater dat is to tel u de security level of dis stupid country.NAIJA NO DEY SAVE AT ALL.come to tink of it why are dey keepin such a high profile criminal uptil dis time,wel am not suprise dey are waiting for new president to emerge so dey can grant dem pardon……STUPID COUNTRY CALLED NAIJA!!!!!!!!

  17. Those police men are traitors and should be fired. they are all part of the gangs.Naija is in big trouble………….

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