Boko Haram Leader Arrested In Abuja At House Of Rep. Member’s Residence

boko haram leader arrested in abuja

Jan 13, 2013 – Boko Haram Leader Arrested In Abuja At Former House Of Rep. Member’s Residence In Gwarimpa

Another breakthrough came the way of security agents in their confrontation with members of the dreaded Jamaatu Ahlil Sunna Lidawati wal Jihad, otherwise known as Boko Haram, with the arrest of one of the sect’s suspected leaders, Hassan Pagi BUKAR, in the residence of a 2003-2007 member of the House of Representatives (names withheld).

The Boko Haram alleged leader was, according to sources, arrested along with the security guard of the erstwhile lawmaker.

Although the one-time member of the House of Reps was said to have been briefly arrested and interrogated, he has since been a daily guest of the security agency that effected the arrest.

The arrest was reportedly made in the Gwarimpa area of the Federal Capital territory, FCT, Abuja.

Sunday Vanguard learnt, last night, that the arrest and interrogation of Bukar had started yielding results.

For instance, the suspect reportedly disclosed, upon interrogation, that his brief as a sect member was to “carry out robbery activities by dispossessing members of the public of their cars”.

The security guard in the former House of the Reps member’s residence (who was described as a mere gateman) was said to have been “employed from Sokoto”.

During further interrogation of Bukar, Sunday Vanguard was made to understand that the suspect disclosed that the cars used for suicide bombings by the sect were stolen vehicles.

One of the very indicting statements of Bukar, the source said, “was that he implicated the former Rep by saying that he also buys some of the cars from him (Bukar) when they are stolen” [Vanguard Report]

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44 thoughts on “Boko Haram Leader Arrested In Abuja At House Of Rep. Member’s Residence

  1. Boko haram is FG applied force.i need better news ,please stop posting boko haram stuff.I’m an independent citizen of migeria thus i don’t care what happens to her.

  2. Please no body should insult our President, the fault is from the Northern leaders but Gow will arrest all of them this year in jesus name. Amen! And pls i want to know the mane of tha house of rep.

  3. Government can wee stop beating around the bush,,, hw many times ll this boko haram be caught. Who is the boko haram? Pls espose them lest see and stop paying poeple 2 art like them. Countery in deed. Ah!

  4. Giant of Africa nomatter ur condition I will not insult,boko haram are they spirit? What is happening to her but God I still on throne

  5. I hope d government wll do something not just arresting only. Ds shows also dat Boko Haram members are living among us.

  6. We don’t need stories bt Acton. We want to hear d so called bh sects arrested & prosecuted not just an arrest without any justice been done & d innocence one are dieying out there in d Hands of these foolish Bh.

  7. why is vanguard not tellin us d name of d ex lawmaker ?……even if they do;he wil stil be freed,jus like ndume,funny country !
    What’s d lawmakers name,nothin will be done to him after all,what a funny n directionless country……!

  8. If u wanna fight corruption y hiding the name of the former member of house of rep? Nigeria ruler stop deceiving yourself… We all know what is happening

  9. You see why we need SNC? How can Hausa (Nigerian)lawmaker be behind boko haram? All in a bid to kill Southerners and Christians! Hausa mancertainly needs a country of his own to run his affairs the way he wants.

  10. Mary Ekeng,my nigeria sister,u say exactly what is happening in Nigeria system of Govt and their so call justis,arrest today tommorw release and case close forever,another Boko Harm arrest in one time house of Rep.

  11. Can u c corruption dere again,if it is a poor man dat steal goat nw we will disclosed is name,Y not mention d former house of rep name.let stop fooling our self we already knw is boko.our govt is d boko aram.

  12. C d act of corruption again,if it is poor man dat steal goat dey will disclosed is name.y not name d former house of rep is he God?we have already no wu is boko dat our govt is d boko.

  13. Who is d 4ma reps memba dat dey dnt want 2mentn hs nam?is ds nt part f corruptn?thank God dey caught 1 f d leaders,y refuse mentionin hs nam?dat means Nigeria is nt yet ready 2xpos des ppl

  14. Is it dat dis northern rich men wan’t nigeria to seperate? Don’t they know dat d money in their banks come from the oil in the south? Why are they so senseless? Na dem go suffer if we seperate o! As for me God will neva let naija to seperate. Amen

  15. When God wants to act, who will say no. The blood of the innocent people killed in Churches keep appealing to God and surely, God will take vengence on their behalf. It is a fearful thing when God lay sierge for you. May the souls of all those who died through the brutal and deadly act of the wicked rest in peace.

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