Boko Haram Member Arrested Inside Bank In Maiduguri Borno After Woman Identified Him


boko haram arrested bank borno

Oct 14, 2014 –  Boko Haram Rapist, Kidnapper Arrested Inside Bank In Maiduguri Borno After Woman Identified Him

A suspected Boko Haram member has landed in Police cell after one of his victims identified him inside a bank in Maiduguri, the capital city of Borno state.

The 43-year-old woman raised an alarm in a banking hall after she saw a 26-year-old man who was among the terrorists who raped her after she was abducted in Borno state.

According to leadership magazine, when the woman spotted the alleged rapist in the banking hall, she quickly raised an alarm, screaming, “He is the one, he is the one! God will punish you, you will rot in hell!”.

Her loud voice caught the attention of everyone but  their bewilderment was rested when the woman said she recognized him as a Boko Haram member who had abducted her and several others, adding that the man in question had “used” her like a dog, raping her over ten times.

The bank management called soldiers in and the man confessed to being a member of the sect. He also confirmed what the woman said.

Those who witnessed her outburst praised the woman for her bravery. Her case was used to unravel several others, as relatives and neighbours of other similar rape cases began to open up, although they all refused to call names.

Another lady also narrated how she was raped by 7 men every day for over 2 months after she was abducted alongside several other women and girls, adding that leaders of the sect usually took the virgins and young ones for themselves, leaving the older or married ones for the sect’s fighters.

The victims went on to disclose that the sect members would kill most of the women who failed to satisfy their sexual urge, adding that the remaining ones who do not comply died as a result of the torture they received.

The arrest of the alleged Boko Haram terrorist has led to the arrest of over 120 members of the sect in Maiduguri and other cities in Borno state.