Boko Haram Threatens Southerners, Joint Task Force


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Jan 2nd, 2012 – Boko Haram Threatens Southerners, Joint Task Force

According to AFP News agency reports, a purported spokesman for Nigerian Islamist Terrorist group, Boko Haram has threatened to confront soldiers after the president declared an emergency in areas hit by attacks blamed on the militants.

Abul Qaqa, who has spoken on behalf of the group numerous times in the past, also threatened southern Nigerians living in the north of the country, roughly divided between a mainly Muslim north and predominately Christian south.

Southerners Given Three Days Ultimatum to Leave The Northern Part of Nigeria

Below are the bold declarations made on behalf of Boko Haram members. Southerners have three days ultimatum to leave the northern part of the country.
We wish to call on our fellow Muslims to come back to the north because we have evidence that they would be attacked.
“We are also giving a three-day ultimatum to the southerners living in the northern part of Nigeria to move away.”
“We find it pertinent to state that soldiers will only kill innocent Muslims in the local government areas where the state of emergency was declared.
“We would confront them squarely to protect our brothers
,” Qaqa told journalists in a phone conference late Sunday.