Fuel Subsidy Removal in Nigeria: Current Situation in Lagos


effects of fuel subsidy removal in nigeriaCrazy line up at filling stations

Jan 2, 2012 – Fuel Subsidy Removal in Nigeria: Current Situation in Lagos

The current situation in Lagos state  Nigeria is tensed.

Naijagists.com reporters went around the state on Monday morning to access the situation of things. Below are their findings www.naijagists.com

Crazy queue at several filling stations in Lagos

The roads are deserted

Lagos roads are emptyOjota

Several Petrol stations are selling petrol for $148 per litre while others are empty.

Commercial buses aren’t operating leaving several commuters stranded www.naijagists.com

commuters left stranded in lagos












Effects of Fuel Subsidy Removal in Nigeria

Increased price of commodities

Coke is now selling for 100 Naira

Pure water is selling for 10 Naira. Bread is selling for 100 Naira ( use to be N40)

A derica of beans costs N250 ( use to be N120)

Transport fare from Yaba To Ojota used to be N100, it now costs N300

The standard of living in Nigeria today is too high for an average family.

How can someone earning N10, 000 survive with all these.

A mother of 3 earning N15,000 will definitely have to starve to take care of her children.

Sadly, these crazy politicians don’t buy fuel (they use official car), they don’t pay house rent, they don’t pay bills ( they reside in official quarters )  they don’t buy food, water is free, hospital bill is free, official cars, air fare grants, everything is free for them.

A big shame on these dumb ass government.