Boko Haram Threatens To Kill Kano’s Emir Sanusi & Shiite Muslims In Nigeria


boko haram kill sanusi

Dec 17, 2014 – Boko Haram Threatens To Kill Kano’s Emir Sanusi Lamido & Shiite Muslims In Nigeria

Few hours after an attack that killed innocent Nigerians at Kano’s Central Mosque, the Emir Of Kano Sanusi ordered people of Kano to take up arms and defend themselves against further attacks by the dreaded Islamic sect.

Boko Haram has replied him and threatened to attack him in return..

In a recent video obtained by Premium Times, a person claiming to be the leader of the group said:

“Before I start talking to my brothers who believed in me and the religion of Allah not the religion of democracy, not that of western education, those who believed in the religion of the Quran not that of the constitution and not religion of the Emir of Kano Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, Jonathan, Obasanjo, Atiku, Babangida, Obama, Bush, Clinton, but the religion of Allah,” .

“Now listen to me Emir of Kano. I am talking to you and only you because of your recent utterances.

“Let me inform you now that you are late, you are should know that you are only but the King of Kano, King of Central Bank, King of money, you are only Sanusi Lamido,”

“Our own government is defined as government of the Allah by the Allah and for the Allah not as you define you own government as the government of the people by the people and for the people,”

“Emir of Kano Sanusi you are late, that our triumph is just for a period of time so you said. Even your predecessors who are renowned idol worshipers in Islamic history like ‘Abujahal’ could not succeed fighting Islam.

Yes you can say that our success is for a period of time, because you are a king of Bank and a loyal citizen of his country,”

“Because you are made the Emir of Kano that is why you got angry and was calling on the Vigilante groups and hunters to attack us. Let me tell you that the hunters and the vigilante groups will fail and you will also fail,”

“We will kill you people, we will capture hostages and keep selling some.”