Buhari’s Certificate Confirmed By United States Army War College, He Graduated In 1980

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Jan 12, 2015 – Buhari’s Certificate Revealed In Confirmation Email From United States Army War College

General Buhari’s Certificate Confirmed By United States Army War College, He Graduated In 1980

Buhari has dealt the opposition with a big blow after receiving his academic credentials confirmation from a United States Army college.

A US-based Nigerian Sunday Iwalaiye contacted the institution to confirm if Buhari graduated from the place as stated on his profile and he received a confirmation with 17 minutes of sending out the email.

The email confirmed that General Buhari bagged  a diploma in the United States back in 1980 when he was still a colonel.

The school’s public affairs officer, Carrol Kerr claimed that Buhari didn’t get a Masters degree because it wasn’t offered at the time he graduated. The college began awarding Masters degrees in 2000.

See the confirmation below:

buhari certificate us army college

20 thoughts on “Buhari’s Certificate Confirmed By United States Army War College, He Graduated In 1980

    • It is not about blackmailing,simple, let the Mr integrity respect the Nigeria Constitution by just present his certificate, finish. Instead of too much talk and insult. Or else he shall be disqualified.

  1. Layi good of you,,,gdhfood did your father attend primary school @ all you are stupid about you statement get out

  2. Lobatan!!! Ooo He shall not stand neither shall it come to pass.Evry tree my father in heaven did not plant shall be UPROOTED ti gbon gbon it gbon gbon..am Laving!!!!!! TiOluwalomase ooo.WinDddddddd of Change I beg

  3. Fake certificate, fake general, fake supporters,fake change. Jonathan or no more oil period.

  4. Let Think very well ,FEB;14 is Election day,remember that its going to be Lovers day and GOD have made the day for BUHARI only ask me .i will tell you ,LOVE means IFE,Shot word in YORUBA, FE and call the day in YORUBA ,means FEBUHARI 14,VOTE FOR BUHARI ,SO GOD have make the day for him only, not GEJ

  5. Why some people have closed brains.. US confirmation on this issue is a done deal that Buhari will win the forthcoming elction, come rain , come sunshine, let sky collapse. It will be a peaceful election, by the time Buhari wins all the states. What is happening now is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf…. Wake up sluggards..

  6. Nigerians glorify certificates and there are man graduates that cannot express themselves. Because you can pay to get to the Phd level that GEJ got. I have said this before and will say it again ” We are not moved by Professor , but moved by Possessors…….Who ever its is that can transform the present situation of Nigeria is who the cap fits.
    Another killing in Baga, Maiduguri and the clown we call president is not paying attention but rather running from pillar to post campaigning…

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