Chris Brown Tormented:”My Soul Cries For Positivity. I’m Tired. A Day In My Shoes Is A Day In Hell”

chris brown tormented suicidal

Feb 6, 2013 – Chris Brown Battles Depression:”My Soul Cries For Positivity. I’m Tired. A Day In My Shoes Is A Day In Hell”

American artist and dancer, Christoper Maurice Brown popularly called Chris Brown might be heading down the suicide lane if care is not taken.

The controversial artist is currently crying for help after he took to his Instagram page to speak out his mind on the torment his soul is passing through.

According to Chris Brown, a day in his shoes is a day in hell, an obvious statement of torment.

After a fierce fight with Rihanna, he got involved in another scandal with songwriter, Frank Ocean where he was accused of punching him on the face over a parking spot.

To cut the long story short, Chris Brown recently took to his Instagram to reveal the condition of his mind. Read his update below

“I love y’all but y’all getting repetitive telling me to go relax. No, I’m not gonna relax. I’m making an album right now… and y’all tell me not to pay attention to it. How can I not when its on my radio, TV and everything else. Even if I did relax, I wouldn’t stop hearing about it. Y’all are everything to me, y’all know this but telling me to ignore it is like telling me to walk around with a blindfold and stick earplugs in my ear. I’m wise, I can handle the hate but enough is enough yo!! Yes it bothers me but its not my main focus! My music is… and when I speak on it .. its because I want people to know how I feel… Yes they talked about Jesus… but “him” I am not him, not even close!!!

I’m a human being and I honestly think I deserve respect. I’m sick of being accused… I’m tired! Y’all just don’t understand, I’ve been going through this sh-t since I was 19 years old.. you can’t sit here and tell me to calm down, when am I gonna get a positive outcome out of anything I do? When can I get that feedback? Im TIRED! Do you read me I’m tired!!!!! Im not gonna sit here and play victim, I’m just tired of this sh-t… I pray every day and night for a new outcome… and just when everything seems to be going good some new sh-t happens.. A day in my shoes is a day in hell, believe it or not! Y’all don’t wanna me be in my predicament … Before y’all say I’m weak remember what I’ve been through.. My soul cries for positivity. I’m not broken I am STRONG……

This man needs prayer. He has never opened up like this in his life.

But a particular statement he made is very shocking:

Yes they talked about Jesus… but “him” I am not him, not even close!!! – Chris Brown said.

39 thoughts on “Chris Brown Tormented:”My Soul Cries For Positivity. I’m Tired. A Day In My Shoes Is A Day In Hell”

  1. he is tired of illumimatic shit. o dear sorry its too late. may be a miracle in 2nd corintians 5:17 can do the magic. bt nw u got d mark of d beast, its too late. warning to psquare, d bang, wiz kid and others including i and linda, watch out.

  2. He’s “tired” bcos dem say he no finish community service when he beat Riri – d judge wants him to redo the 180 days again. Y he no go tire.

  3. Dats wat u get when u sell ur soul 2 d devil….It’s nt too late 2 beg dat JESUS u mentioned 4 4givness.Illuminati will only ruin u…Repent!!!

  4. This means he needs help.and I pray God in his infinite mercy forgive him ,all he need to say is ‘I need You,JESUS,I trust in You and the Archangel Michael will come and fight for him. May Blessed Virgin Mary intercede for him.AMEN

  5. very soon Dbanj will start his own madnas like rihanna, kenye westand beyonce. they sing naked in stage according to the directions of illuminiati evil spirits. those of you that needs money in a fast mode and want to be popular you better think twice.

  6. hunmm!!!! chris,i understand aw u feel,same way micheal feel and whitney,boy! they are coming after ur soul,u ve already sold it to them,but its not too late,Jesus is still waitin for u,give ur life to him and u will experience total PEACE

  7. Itz d illuminati stuff tormentn him. Now he’s been stung by wat he’d bargaind 4. He’s stil got chance wit d Jesus he mentiond on his page. My prayer is let dem not lynch him like they did M.J., 2pac & d rest.

  8. @ROLAND
    Don’t say it is too late cos is never too late for any sinner to repent xcept in the grave. God is happy for the repentant of one sinner than thousands of born again. you said including yourself have you repented before it will be too late for you as you think.
    @ Chris Brown
    pls don’t commit suicide sit back and just repent the only thing that can safe you from the hell of your shoes and hell fire. Lovvve yyou ccccchris

  9. May the Holy spirit convict him of his sins,and the angels lay hold on him d salvation of his soul. I pray he encounters Jesus. Amen

  10. He’s a very stupid boy. How would he have peace when he drew a battle against the Almighty by accusing God of being unfair to Satan, “fallen angel”? He pitched tent with satan in illuminati. Look at his face. With all the money he has he looks troubled. Have peace? No way! Peace is for God’s children and lovers of Christ. Maybe illuminati wants to destroy him now. For those who see him as a role model or seeking rich through satan, Chris should teach them that fame and money are not the ultimate. D altimate is Christ. Devil uses and destroys but Christ is eternal life and peace. May God help Chris Brown to embrace Christ. Amen.

    all i want to tell chris brown is if he knows GOD ALMIGHTY AND HIS ONLY SON JESUS CHRIST. things are goin to change for him chris brown pls read psalm 1 and belive in the word make it your daily prayer. everything is goin to change for good

  12. I rember e sang a song…plzz dnt judge me….rite frm there i knew smetin is’t rite abt him….wotevr it’s i blv e nos dat name ”Jesus”….e cn go to him and e’ll b save…na wen water nvr pass garri.

  13. he’s crying for help because he’s tired of living in sin, he needs man of God to help him make heaven because he’s next to go down in their ocult society

  14. Forget all dis illuminati shit or being like jesus and all dat.all he his tryna tell u haterz is ”am human like u guyz and we make mistake!”so dnt judge him.peace!

  15. chrisy,nothin do u.. D x where u join am,sha e swt u? Sha,u b micheal jackson… U betta repent fast,u knw wad dt means,if u bak off,u’ll stil die.. Bcuz they’ll kill u.

  16. chris with Jesus its never too late my dear,they can harm your entire body but they will never reach your soul which is more important.just dont kill yourself coz you will give them pleasure.

  17. Chris the lord is in control all you need to is go down on ur kneels and say “lord i’m sorry, pls forgive me” and he’ll forgive you.

  18. @Chris Brown: Who are my to judge you, I dare not. I just Pray to see the day you will openly confess and accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal SAVIOUR. GOD save your soul…

  19. I appreciate al d comments above. I wish chris should have seen these, he would have understood the signal of these comments to him. Indeed, its not too late 4 him to repent. He should better b fast before he is killed like others o. Chris, Jesus is waitin to off load ur heavy ladden, make haste to Him. God loves u

  20. Hey chris brezzy, i feel wot you feeling i know how it hurts men all you gat to do is go to dat man you mention(JESUS)it not too late am also an artist like you, you can still be close to him at your will,Don`t go suicidal it will just make them happy shame the devil.I wish you see my comment

  21. u must believe dat everything happens 4 a rizon n if u think your going 2 just sit back n watch people on u dats not the space

  22. Breezy,it ain’t to late fo ya to turn to di Christ,nogha,we don’t wana luz u like we MJ we still want,keep on prayin’ to almighty,he’s ready to take ya back to HUMAN life,gud thing bro u are trying to quit illuminati!!!!!!!!that’s hell real hell

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