Fayose: I’m Angry Buhari Didn’t Send Me Birthday Wishes

fayose buhari birthday wishes

Nov 15, 2017 – Fayose: I’m Angry Buhari Didn’t Send Me Birthday Wishes

Ayo Fayose has accused President Muhammadu Buhari of not sending him any message to congratulate him on his 57th birthday.

Fayose said he deserved to be sent a congratulatory message from the Presidency as “one of the governors in Nigeria and a leading opposition figure in the country.”

On the raging controversy on who emerges the next People’s Democratic Party (PDP) at the December 9 National Convention, Fayose said all chairmanship aspirants from all the geopolitical zones in the South are eligible and not only aspirants from the Southwest.

Fayose has been accused by some PDP chieftains in Ekiti State of supporting Prince Uche Secondus from Rivers State for the post of National Chairman rather than a candidate from the Southwest to where the position had been zoned by the party.

The governor spoke on Wednesday with reporters at the Government House, Ado-Ekiti, the state capital as part of the occasions to mark his 57th birthday.

Fayose said “one of his greatest wishes on his 57th birthday was to have woken up this morning to receive congratulatory message from President Muhammadu Buhari or read such message in the media.”

He said: “My wishes on my 57th birthday as Ayo Fayose are many but one of them which will interest you is that I wish ‎President Buhari’s congratulatory call would have woken me up today as one of the governors in the country, as a father of the nation and as a leading ‎opposition figure in the country.

“(The President ought to congratulate me as) a fearless young man who believes that things should be done rightly to show himself (Buhari) as a father of all, preaching that we must extend love to everybody not only those in his political party.

“The President would have made a difference if he had extended such gesture to others beyond his political party. Such a congratulatory message should have been conveyed through his Minister of Information.

“I would have loved to either wake up receiving a congratulatory call from him or read it in the papers. But since it is not coming, it is not a big deal to me and I take no offence on it.

“I am not Buhari’s enemy; opposition is the strength of democracy, it ensures that the electorates get value for their votes. Those who criticize your government are not your enemies, they are catalysts to your growth as a government.

“I remain a factor no one can ignore in this country. Apart from the fact that I am a leading opposition (figure), Nigerians respect my voice; they believe that I don’t compromise the truth no matter whose ox is gored.”


9 thoughts on “Fayose: I’m Angry Buhari Didn’t Send Me Birthday Wishes

  1. You dis man why r u so rude with no manners? Is president Buhari your mate? You don’t even have any regard for the president. Who the hell r u? Is president Buhari your family or your colleagues that he will leave all this important work and send you a bday wish yeye man.

  2. My anger with all of you, Nigeria Politicians is all of you are wicked towards the masses, splitted yourselves just to deceive the masses, but the most angry part is the same masses are buying into you people’s deception,those who stand up for freedom and truth are intimidated with gun.
    An average Nigerian who never step out of that country sees suffering and darkness as normal thing.

  3. This is unthinkable. What on earth does dis man Fayose thinks he is? A man u fasted and prayed for to die when he was critically ill, now u expect birthday wishes from him? Are u seriously serious? U expect the president to wake up and leave important National issues to send u birthday wishes? U are not well. Pls go book an appointment to see a shrink fast. A mosquito that thinks himself a bird. Go and pay workers in ur state salaries u owe them for months and stop acting like a spoilt piece of garbage.

  4. This guy is an attention seeker. Fayose you are an imbecile. Ekiti State’s economy development should be your major concern right now. This guy is so comfortable now that he never bothered about his people welfare but only to attack Buhari on a daily basis. You need to roll your sleeves and start working on how to pay your people’s salary and revive state’s economy. The fact you are the first person to have access to state’s Money doesn’t make you that popular.

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