Fayose To Obasanjo: You Are Sitting On Stolen Wealth & Unqualified To Accuse Any Of Corruption


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March 17, 2017 – Fayose Calls Obasanjo The Father Of Corruption Over Link With $1.09B Malabu Oil Deal

Fayose To Obasanjo: You Are Sitting On Stolen Wealth & Unqualified To Accuse Any Of Corruption

In his second tirade against former President Olusegun Obasanjo, Ekiti state governor Fayose described the former President as “the father of corruption in Nigeria who sits on stolen wealth and lacks moral rights to accuse anyone of corruption.”

Fayose is bashing him for attempting to free himself from the web of $1.09 billion Malabu oil deal, former President Olusegun Obasanjo has come under scathing attacks from Ekiti State Governor Ayo Fayose.

The controversial governor attacked Obasanjo through his spokesperson Lere Olayink yesterday:

The statement reads;

“It smacked of the highest level of hypocrisy for someone like Obasanjo to be sermonizing about corruption, having superintended over a corrupt government himself.

“The former President must come out clean on his roles in the controversial $1.09 billion Malabu Oil deal, instead of warning former Attorney-General of the Federation (AGF) and Minister of Justice Mohammed Adoke to stop mentioning his name in the deal.

“It is on record that the out-of-court settlement on the controversial Malabu Oil Block was initiated in 2006 during Obasanjo’s administration. Obasanjo’s accusing anyone of corruption was like “Oyenusi accusing Shina Rambo of armed robbery.

“I challenge the former President to explain to Nigerians the source of his stupendous wealth. We saw how Obasanjo was when he became president and the magnitude of both direct and indirect investments that he has now. Can he in all honesty tell Nigerians that he acquired his wealth through legitimate means?

“Other Nigerians who left offices as President are still relevant to their people, but can the same be said about Obasanjo? Was he useful to the Yoruba race as President and now as former President?

“The bad state that he left major roads linking the Southwest to other zones in Nigeria, especially the Lagos-Ibadan expressway remains a pointer to this. Yet, he goes about postulating as if he is the only honest Nigerians who can make things right in the country.”

10 thoughts on “Fayose To Obasanjo: You Are Sitting On Stolen Wealth & Unqualified To Accuse Any Of Corruption

  1. You said it right,and make sure you do not come out to apologize to Obasanjo by bowing down..he is grand father of corruption in Nigeria,among those who sold out Nigeria.


  3. Fayose has confessed to Jesus he is a 419 but he told us he loves being a 419 but loves to confess to jesus. He said the holy ghost told me lick toilet seats as punishment. He tried some in Lagos and he enjoyed licking toilet seats and enjoyed it.

  4. Their have been preferential treatment given to Olusegun Obasanjo by the subsequent presidents in terms of shielding him from been prosecuted despite his failure to give account of several billions of naira missing during his tenor. Obasanjo could not explain the whereabouts of several hundreds of billions of nairas of “ABACHA LOOT” that was repatriated into our country during when he was still the president of the country. Not even a penny among those money has been heard of ever since he became ex-president. The EFCC should ask Obasanjo where are those money?

    The $2.5 billion dollars that was signed off and awarded to our power sector in order to increase the electricity mega watts back in 2007 is no where to be found and the reason why that money was allocated to that project is still in deplorable condition today with nothing to write home about. But why this man has not been summoned and questioned by our anti graft agencies- the EFCC and ICPC ever since he left power is what continue to baffled me. Let Obasanjo come and explain to Nigerians why our power sector he contracted out remained in this shabby condition today.

    Obasanjo should also explain to us his link with malabu oil deal that he’s seriously refuting without any meaningful explanation. Indeed Obasanjo is the founder of corruption that began the democratic sytem of government in the country. He well fit into every description that might be given to him by anyone.

  5. they are all corrupt bastards yes Fayose is absolutely right Obasanjo is a THIEF we all know he had no money before he became the president he is now a billionaire he should be number one on the EFCC list

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