Fayose Says Buhari Planted Recovered Loot To Stage Anti Corruption Fight

fayose aso rock loot

April 17, 2017 – Fayose Says Buhari Planted Recovered Loot To Sustain Fake Anti Corruption Fight

Ekiti State Governor Says APC Politicians Using Aso Rock To Hide Loot

Governor Fayose who had earlier promised to stop critizing Buhari’s government has fired back at him.

Fayose in a statement released by  his spokesperson today accused Buhari’s aides of using Aso Rock to hide their loot.

He also alleged that Buhari’s anti corruption fight was staged.

His words:

The Ekiti governor neither provided details nor gave any proof to substantiate his allegation.

It is obvious Fayose and his gangs are very worried about President Buhari’s anti corruption crusade.

6 thoughts on “Fayose Says Buhari Planted Recovered Loot To Stage Anti Corruption Fight

  1. It appears that this guy Fayose is suffering from diarrhea of mouth. How could you have said that Buhari planted all these money to justify his fight on corruption?. Are you okay Fayose for saying corruption never exists in Nigeria? Now, I understand your problem. You are saying this rubbish as a strategy to defend yourself because you are the next on line to be exposed. How do you think those thieves like you will come forward to claim #13 billions without being prosecuted?.

    This is to show how selfish, wicked and inconsiderate these looters are. These thieves are just taking advantage of democracy system. If the constitution allows us to use decrees just like in those days of Buhari Military regime, nobody will ever dare to steal Nigeria’s money.

    In order to effectively fight war against corruption, I think we have to mix democracy law with martial law as a form of deterrent to others intending thieves.

  2. Guys. we know this man Fayose as a wild mad man. On a second thought we should ponder on some of the things he pointed at. take the massage and don’t kill the messenger.

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