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Georgina Onuoha Ex Husband Hired By Doctors Without Borders Years After Losing Medical License To DUI

georgina onuoha husband doctors without border

Georgina Onuoha Ex Husband Ifeanyi Igwegbe Hired By Doctors Without Borders Years After Losing Medical License To DUI

The former husband of Nollywood actress Georgina Onuoha has now secured a job with Doctors Without Borders.

Dr Ifeanyi Igwegbe who lost his medical license several years ago to DUI now has a job.

This was revealed by  his ex-wife, Georgina Onuoha while addressing a troll who attacked her online.

The actress who is presently based in the US is not happy with some revelations by a follower on the actress’ private life to ex hubby Ifeanyi.

Referring to the follower as troll, the actress said: “This is the mindset of a typical frustrated jobless Nigerian youth.

“@xoxomystery123, @xoxomystery124 I can see you are really pained by my oped regarding trolls like you with mob mentality trolling people you wish to become. I was actually addressing trolls like you who know people more than they know themselves and you have proven my point.

“My darling, ps: I grew up in Badagry contrary to your fallacies that I grew up in Ajegunle. My father a drunk? Apparently you know my dad more than me, my family and friends. Unfortunately for mobs like you, my dad is the most honorable retired Army officer you will ever meet. Those who have or had the privilege to have encountered him will tell you what a powerhouse he is, filled with knowledge and integrity.

“Me; Actress turn health information specialist. I’m always proud of me. Are you proud of you? My ex, oh yeah doesn’t practice in California anymore, but you know what? He is giving his best services to humanity with doctors without borders. And who are you darling? I will love to know you. I can see you are faceless. Sorry about that. I implore you to show your face; don’t hide behind your keyboards. I will love to know you since you know me more than me. Can you oblige me that mob? I have nothing but empathy for souls like you. Until you show me your face, I send you a tasteless kiss.

“Never yield the floor to trolls and bullies. Serve them tasteless kiss and let them have their 15 minutes of fame. Many Nigerian youths are hurting and rightly so, but please don’t take out your frustration on innocent people who have done you no wrong.

“How I wish you guys can channel same energy towards holding your politicians and spiritual leaders accountable and demand a working economy for all people. Demand good governance and not giveaways from people who barely have their heads above waters. Food for thought. Hurting people hurt others. Change the mindset and watch things begin to work for you. Yes You.”

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Francesca Adjoa

    May 1, 2019 at 6:23 PM

    So you are still in touch with him

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