Ghanaian Actress Emelia Brobbey Arrested In London For Stealing Bracelet Jewelry During Vacation

Emelia Brobbey Arrested In LondonEmelia Brobbey Arrested In London

July 23, 2013 – Ghanaian Actress Emelia Brobbey Arrested For Stealing Bracelet Jewelry In London During Vacation

Popular Ghana-based actress Emelia Brobbey has been arrested for stealing a piece of bracelet jewelry while shopping during her vacation in London.

According to information from reliable sources, the talented actress who is unaware of the security camera at the store allegedly stole a bracelet.

As she was exiting the store, a beep alerted the people around her.

We learnt the guys on the security camera who have been monitoring her movements came out to ensure her arrest.

Police officials were called in and she was asked to provide her address.

The actress gave the officers the address of her host, fellow actress Gloria Agyeman.

Police immediately raided the home of the ‘thief’ actress’s host, Gloria.

The raid led to the arrest of another actress Eunice Akua Adjeiwaa who had overstayed in the United Kingdom.

She was immediately arrested. Eunice is set to be deported back to Ghana.

Emelia Brobbey who caused the whole mess is set to leave London today after she was given an immediate departure order from the UK.

OMG this beautiful babe has brought a lot of shame on herself.

31 thoughts on “Ghanaian Actress Emelia Brobbey Arrested In London For Stealing Bracelet Jewelry During Vacation

  1. hahahaha. I tot is only Nigerians that are dubious. crazy thing. how much does Jewellery cost for God sake?

  2. I dont understand…I mean um sure she cud afford tht bracelert but nooo she choses to steal it. Ok oo now u placed your feloow collegue in trouble, overstaying in UK, problem oo

  3. Ask me, hwo much those jewellery cost,not Diamond or Gold,just useless shine shine,a Actress,am happy this time is not Nigeria,is our Holy Ghana people,she will never get visa to LONdon again.

  4. I sincerely salute Nigerians actresses for cleansing Nigeria bad name with their good behavior each time they go out. For Ghanians, you people need to check yourselves very well because if you can have money to pay for air ticket to UK, then how much is the bracelet that you cannot pay for.

    • what do u mean by we should watch ourselves? haven’t a nigerian stolen b4? if she is a thief does that mean all ghanaians are like her. you are just happy is not only nigerians who are causing the mess. nigeria is populated than Ghana so likely for nigerians to cause the most mess. don’t be ashamed, they are your people be proud of them.

  5. Wit all dis efitsy wan una dey do, u still go wash ur dirty linen 4 public. Wetin b jewelry, Wen u Neva. C b4. High class babe u wan show say na u biko, na only u dey town , u wan form like person waw no dey shit

  6. Habs or wat do u call ursef u no serious at all wat do mean se pe na only nigeria u think say deh dubious foolish idiot

  7. Oh dear,what a disgrace,how much does jewellery cost Emeila.U hve really brought shame to us.I adimire u alot just cant believe u did dat.U hve to apology to al ur funs cos we r heartbroken gal.

  8. Gush!for now i cant still remember her face but nonetheless she has brought shame to her country.b4 sef i think say na only naija peeps dey then they.abahhh! Nawa o.

  9. This is a disgrace to the African continent. Honestly how can a normal person , an actress for that matter traveling to London just to go and steal a jewelry. Lisholi la ma felelezo.You are a big fool. idiot.

  10. Who knws weda everything for her body na thief thief, wetin go beta greedy person were no go dey satisfied wit him small peanut, nonsense gal, inshort ghollywood should suspend am for a yr mk she go sidon

  11. Al dis guls dat form 2 much nt knwin wot they have inside dem. Shame 2 her, dat wil teach her lesson.

  12. arrant embarrassment and shame to us. is a lesson to her..SHE CHEATED ON HER WEDED HUBY WITH CHILD FOR ANODA UNSCRUPULOUS DOCTOR WHO impregnated her.COZ OF DISGRACE SHE LEFT FOR LONDON…..and now see…

  13. I guess it is devil work…so u have 2 be prayerful…i declare ur freedom 4rm every curses in Jesus Name,Amen

  14. This is a tail, not a true story…all those who believed are naive. We know what happened. It’s about her marriage rather. The ex-wife of her husband…hmmmmm

  15. If this is true, then it’s very very unfortunate. She was my teacher about 10 years ago. I pray that God give her the strength to stand in these difficult times.
    To all those pointing accusing fingers, make sure your hands are clean. Let he who is without sin be the first the cast the stone!

  16. ahh whats going in this world,look at what a common bracelet had brought you to anyway we still love you

  17. Oh my God wat’s fallin on dis earth 4 ghanaians,how can dis happen 2 our beloved actress,i knw som1 is behind dis,but we ghanaians knw dat our god is alive.emelia nva giv up nd continue yur gud wrk 4 us,k god is on yr side.

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