Governor Aliyu Condemns Muslim Youths Celebrating Yakowa’s Death

kaduna muslim youths yakowa death

Dec 20, 2012 – Governor Aliyu Condemns Muslim Youths Celebrating Yakowa’s Death

Governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger State has chided those Nigerians reported to have celebrated the death of late Governor Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna State, describing them as “inhuman.”

Aliyu made the remark while receiving the Speaker of Niger House of Assembly, Alhaji Adamu Usman who led other members of the Assembly to pay a condolence visit on him.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the visit on Aliyu was with regard to his position as Chairman of the Northern Governors’ Forum.

“No matter the religion one professes, the simple tenet is that we should sympathise with the dead and the bereaved and pray for the repose of the soul of the departed whose death is a colossal loss,” the governor said.

He described as unreligious and inhuman the Nigerians reported to have through the social media rejoiced over the death of the former governor.

“Immediately we start praying for our leaders to die, then we are asking that the whole society should die. We must pray for our leaders. We must go back to our faith and practise our religion as demanded by the almighty Allah.

“We must talk to our children. We must be involved in the moral and religious education of our children. This development shows that we are failing in the duty to train our children,” Aliyu said.

He described late Yakowa as a bridge-builder who brought Muslims and Christians in Kaduna state together, saying the late governor provided peace and tranquility.

Earlier, Usman had said the legislators were impressed with the humility the late governor displayed throughout his lifetime which endeared him to a large number of Nigerians.

He said Speakers in the Northern part of the country received the news with great shock but were consoled that the deceased had left an indelible mark in the sand of times.


15 thoughts on “Governor Aliyu Condemns Muslim Youths Celebrating Yakowa’s Death

  1. that is northern muslim for,particurlar those hausa-fulanis,they dont know peace and tranquility,that reason split so call nigeria into 5 part,s.west,south-south,s.-east,middel-belt christian should get their own country and far north.

  2. I keep on imagining the kind of human beings these people are if at all they are human beings. People who do not have regard for life or even respect for the dead. How on earth can somebody rejoice at the death of another knowing fully well that he can NEVER live forever. I bow for these blood thirsty and HIGHLY ignorant and perpetually brainwashed fellows up north. Brothers please mend your ways .

  3. This had confirm that islam is a religion on violence,all d negativities in this country are associated with muslims,i wonder if they have any sense of reasoning

  4. All de people wey de laf say yakowa die na mumu dem bi cos dia comon sense no let dem no say”eviri iron must go to de blacksmith”and any how wey nyash big reach,e go eva rimen for one day all of dem go die tuu.yakowa own beta say na de hole nation beri am but if dos bloody idiots die,na ANGULU, UDENE, VULTURE go setule dia f**k up. DAN BLOODY FOOLS.

  5. I’m short of words,but respect His Ex. Gov B. Aliyu. How many Northern governors who swore to d Nigerian constitution will come out to do this? How r we sure they r not themselves sponsors.

  6. What I bleaved is that in part of the this country you found a defrent kind of peoples deviding into tw o. Catigores, nothern people do something that is not rihgt you have resons to see its all of them, Because you cannot sea in other part of the country all people leving there are 100% good, So if you want to sho me how good you re is only by giving to advise dos that do the thing that you Cal bad. No one abob doing something that is wrong may ALLAH see true.

  7. Any one who rejoice over someone’s death is a fool…remember urs will come inevitably someday…may his soul rest in perfect peace.

  8. the best enemy you have in this life is the evil within self. Mind yourself by judging your actions not by judging other people and purify your self in the sight of Allah because if you see today you don ‘t have the assurance of seeing tommorrow. That is what is called a true MUSLIM. So please people of other faith stop misjudging ISLAM, it is a religion of PEACE, but the so called rotten muslims like boko haram, al qaeda etc are making the world to view it other round.

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