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Guys, Never Tell A Girl You Love Her When You Really Don’t

guys tell girl love her

By Temilolu Okeowo,

DEAR Aunty Temi, Keep up the good work you’re doing in preserving the dignity of the female folk. However, I feel your message should be extended to the males as well as this will effectively drive your message home as we are always at the mercy of these guys. To be frank, a lot of us crave their attention and feel we can never do without them especially with their romantic overtures!. From Folake

Dear Aunty Temilolu,

I go through your Face book wall on a daily basis to read your posts because they educate and awaken my spirit. I wish you post articles on your timeline every day. Sincerely, our present generation is very lucky to know the things most of our mothers and great-grand mothers didn’t know. I’m sure our mothers didn’t know what evil family pattern was, and the spiritual implications of sex which crippled a lot of their destinies! I remember how my mum suffered marital abuse in the hands of my late dad and his siblings. She went through all that because she didn’t know where to run to and so many women are passing through same thing. She was always acting timid and lived in perpetual fear throughout their marriage. It also affected us (my siblings and I) while growing up. You’re really doing a great job by enlightening young women and girls. You are saving a lot of destinies. Please keep it up. God bless you ma!. From Victoria M.

Dear Victoria,

I’m so glad to know you actually visit my Face book timeline every day. Much as I want to reach out to you girls as often as I can, the social media could be so distracting and if one isn’t careful, so many important things would be left undone. However, I promise to improve on the frequency of my posts! On what your mother suffered, in as much as some of us are doing all we can to ensure girls are well raised into godly and strong, young women who can make the right choices in life and live a most triumphant life- I can tell you there’s serious fire on the mountain! In spite teachings on getting good education, setting priorities right and becoming self-reliant, sadly, too many girls are going to end up experiencing what your mother went through! Your mother would have bolted if she was educated or at least had a source of livelihood but perhaps she didn’t because she couldn’t get educated/raise enough business capital. Today, what should be the easiest way to become educated and the world’s greatest in every field under the heavens has become a tool of satanic diversion, deviation and distraction! After watching their mothers go through so much hell in the hands of their fathers and after suffering so much lack and all forms of abuse, many girls would rather prepare themselves for a wealthy man than prepare themselves to lead a most beautiful life with financial freedom, making the most of their wonderful innate skills. Talk about the Proverbs 31 woman! Why should any woman live in perpetual fear of a man who is lucky or better still blessed to have her in the first instance! Prov.18:22 Amazing! We have a wonderful manual for life – the Holy Bible which gives everyone- both gender so much power to command the type of life we wish, yet the entire world is suffering! Hmm…!

Dear Guys,

I really wonder the number of hearts you’d have broken by the time you spend your first quarter on earth; how much more the number of girls you would have slept with, the number of spirits that would have been transferred into your lives and the mass of tears and curses trailing you! This is a very serious matter! I know a lot of you are just going with the flow of adolescence. However, many of you are courting so much trouble for your future. Never tell a girl you love her when you really don’t! Girls are fragile in nature and such sweet words coming from you could make them surrender their entire existence to you if they fancy you! Can you imagine anyone treating your daughter the way you’ve treated some girls-deceiving them, “using” them and dumping them! And to think having a girl-friend in your teens also distracts you badly- believe me! It could forestall the champ in you! Hmm…Boys Club on the way!!!

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