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Temilolu Okeowo

A Spiritually Sound Christian Can’t Be Addicted To Pornography

christians addicted pornography

You Can’t Be A Spiritually Sound Christian & Be Addicted To Pornography

DEAR Temilolu,

I just went through your post about sexually-pure boys, guys, men faring better in life. Sincerely, what you wrote is nothing but the truth! I am a victim of sexual-immorality and it has really dealt with me. I have been struggling for long to overcome it by fighting the spirit of lust.

However, whenever the urge comes, sometimes my body vibrates as if I want to run mad and I tell you every woman looks beautiful to me. It’s so bad to the extent that I think about women every minute and now lack concentration in life. This has deprived me a lot of success and breakthrough.

I am only struggling to survive at the age of 38 without a wife, children and job. Please help me in prayers. Thanks and may God continue to empower you more and more.


Dear Aunty Temilolu,

I’m a 17-year-old guy and currently a student. I’m going through a lot right now, especially with pornography. It’s a really terrible thing and it has been the major tool the devil has been using against me in my life’s journey! I’ve dropped it on several occasions but later on I just find myself going back to it!.

I’m sorry if my message is voluminous. Please bear with me; I’m in dire need of your help! I’m a very sound person physically, spiritually and mentally but porn is a major headache in my spiritual race.

I’ve read in several books and articles that sexual sin is something you fight against with the support of people who are spiritually mature. I have such people around me but I’m scared to discuss with them as I don’t know how they’ll react to it.

I know u can be of great help to me in this situation. I am not someone who really buys newspapers considering the fact that the one I read your article from is 2 years old. I would be grateful if u replied me through a mail, and soonest too.


Dear M & G,

I repeat, A REAL MAN IS ONE WHO CANNOT BE CONTROLLED BY THAT WHICH HE SHOULD BE MASTER OVER! Most people are of the opinion that it’s natural for men to be full of fleshly lust and be quicker to fall into temptation, while this may be true, it’s also easier for them to decide not to be moved depending on the spirit directing their lives!.

To be frank, any man, in fact, anyone not possessed by the Holy Spirit CANNOT subdue his flesh.

So, I really wonder what my 17-year-old is talking about when he said he’s spiritually-sound! You CANNOT be spiritually-sound and be addicted to pornography!.

If you are indeed spiritually-sound, you’d hate every form of sin with a passion and the spirit of God in you would not only detest watching porn, it would pre-occupy your mind with glorious things which would move your life forward; you’d be too engrossed in the supernatural and not inanities!.

You may be tempted sometimes because you are human but certainly not to the point of addiction! I thank God though that you’ve spoken out soon enough!.

Stupid, bad devil is so smart such that it can capture a glorious life into his net through sexual immorality and drag it round and round in circles in the mud of life. It could turn that life to ping pong and ensure that person experiences nothing but hell on earth!.

There’s a certain man who was on the brink of committing suicide because his life was stagnant and full of frustration for 16 years. After prayers and inquiry from God as to the cause of his unfulfilled life, it was discovered that he raped a girl in 2002 and he had been bearing the brunt of his action!.

What a waste of life! Sheer stupidity! His lack of self-control brought the beast out of him and I tell you he’s yet to recover because he was told to apologize to the lady he barely remembers! If he can’t find her which is likely, he has SERIOUS WORK to do to get God on his side and have his life restructured and enjoy all that accrues to him!.

Of course, God is quick to forgive but what about the multiple attacks and injury his destiny has suffered because of his lack of self-control? 16 years…16 years…16 good years!.

Can you imagine all he has lost? Can you imagine all he would have achieved?.

Next weekend by God’s grace I shall give you some sure-fire solutions and the spirit of God which birthed this column shall move over your life and right all wrongs in Jesus name!

This is Girls Club but we have no choice but attend to our brothers as well. May God bless us all!

To be continued.

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  1. Josiah Jude

    April 28, 2019 at 5:20 AM

    I agree with you, a real Christian should not watch porn

  2. Danti

    April 28, 2019 at 6:22 PM

    100 percent truth! The radiating power of in dueling Holy Spirit will suppress the dirty urge of porno.

  3. Rosy

    April 29, 2019 at 6:35 PM

    Anyone that watches porn movies is not a christian at all.

  4. Fifelomo

    May 2, 2019 at 5:12 AM

    Porn movies should be a no go area for a real and good Christian.

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