How To Win The Fight Against Boko Haram: As Exposed By “Abubakar Shekau”

how to win boko haram

August 26, 2014 – How To Win The Fight Against Boko Haram: As Exposed By “Abubakar Shekau”

The Boko Haram terrorist movement released a latest video to update Nigeria on their current status. In it they claimed the formation of a nonsensical caliphate, plagiarizing from the concurrently running operations of fellow loony ISIS terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

In the 40 minute video released by the usual publicists, only one important message and piece of information was of note: Boko Haram is scared of the Civilian-JTF. The man who spoke in the video, claiming to be Abubakar Shekau – the serially replaced leader figure – sounded several “warnings” to the Civilian-JTF, literally begging them (us as I feel a part of their association with their permission) to leave the terrorists alone. “Shekau” severally threatened to kill us for slaughtering his men in hundreds. He even went as far as describing the process in which the Civilian-JTF professionally screens which of his members to kill. Shekau said: “you ask of them which of them have blood on their hands; which of them have actually killed people and all those who admit to having murdered you humiliate and kill them.”

This is not the first time that in new videos the only enemy and threat “Shekau” warns are the Civilian-JTF. In his video release after the Giwa barrack attacks, Shekau similarly made no mention of the Nigerian army, but only promised fire and brimstone on the Civilian-JTF. In this recent video, “Shekau” said he will kill us whether we continue to kill his men or not, so funny, he said he will “kill us, the Civilian-JTF as a prevention of our later becoming infidels.” Rather desperate, angry and senseless.

In summary, the Nigerian army are Boko Haram’s friends. I do respect them a lot and appreciate the ultimate sacrifice they are making, but the truth is the truth. The Nigerian government has completely succeeded in embezzling all the funds needed to maintain the great army Nigeria is known for. Our troops are sent to battle Boko Haram, ill-equipped, hungry, unmotivated and unsupported. This is why they are deserting the army in hundreds and fleeing to Cameroon when they are close enough to the border. It is not their fault. Why should they die when the executive leadership protects and dines with the politician sponsors of terror? When the Jonathan administration in five years of limitless terror, has not apprehended and punished a single politician terror sponsor? The army chiefs are dancing with president Jonathan as they divert the billions budgeted for security. Boko Haram loves the Nigerian army, whoever watched the latest video will see once again the glee with which the terrorists received new loads of Nigerian ammunition from stores the Nigerian army ran and left behind. Yes, the terrorists easily pick up APC’s, tanks and ammunition from the army. They no longer need to import their “sophisticated” weapons from Libya, they get it freely from the stashes Lt. Gen. Minimah sent to Borno. Shekau literally said, “thanks Minimah” in his latest video.

For now, the only way to defeat Boko Haram is for us people to rise up and PUSH the president of Nigeria to approve the acquisition of arms by civilians, hunters, farmers and community patriots in the affected northeast, so they can continue destroying the cowardly Boko Haram. It is paradoxical, the Nigerian army is afraid of Boko Haram while Boko Haram is afraid of the Civilian-JTF. The Civilian-JTF have the motivation, courage and rightful anger that makes them the only resort Nigeria has to defeating Boko Haram; as well as being masters of the terrain.

The Chibok parents recently made the ultimate sacrifice by deciding and telling Nigeria’s president that they had “performed the burial rites of their daughters,” and now “needed the bodies,” that the President can go ahead and order the invasion of Sambisa and sacrifice any of their daughters he has to in the process of defeating Boko Haram once and for all. With that went the last excuse Nigeria’s President sold for the inability of his sabotaged military to defeat Boko Haram.

Nigeria is desperate. We urgently need to get the last civilian response to end this terror. Will President Jonathan listen to us? Well, I am not counting on it. He is known for dancing when our blood is being “shared.” But as a people, as Boko Haram keeps killing our loved ones and gaining territory, we must do our best and petition the government of Nigeria to act responsibly- and immediately approve and support the proper arming of the available thousands of patriotic Civilian-JTF youth and volunteers from around Nigeria to destroy Boko Haram before Boko Haram destroys us. This pogrom has lasted way too long. It is time to hang these bush rats.

[Article authored by Dr. Peregrino Brimah, END]

16 thoughts on “How To Win The Fight Against Boko Haram: As Exposed By “Abubakar Shekau”

  1. Stil dnt ve reasons He shuld b president til 2019 if nt 4 our leaders greedy $ some foolish sentiment religious maggot ethnic bias fellows……..Abati kip sayin its APC sponsorin BH, Y can’t de arrest dem or shoW evidence……



  4. It is not d boko harams dat r fightn d peaceful co-existence of Nigeria BUT a deep-rooted corruption, esp in d security sector.
    Dat is y d FG of Nigeria is more involved in frivolities dan settn dia priorities right.

  5. All Mr President is after is how to win 2015 election and as far as boko haram has not touched any member of his family, then I don’t think he care much about them because as we all know he(Mr president) has the power to end this lunatics with a snap of his fingers but by doing that he will step on toes that will cost him the election and he cares more about the election than the people he is leading.

  6. If nigerian army is runing for their lives, then it shows a sign of danger. The nigeria govt should approve arms to civilians to defend themselves since the nigerian army is incapable of doing that. God help nigeria UJN

  7. Jonathan has laid a record no one could break, not the president/Head of states before him nor even after him could break. He has the MOST BLOODIEST GOVERNMENT.
    His leadership style is likened to that of Babylonian culture of weak leadership of strong selfish interest characterized by slavery, afflictions, dehumanization of masses and diversion of public funds.
    However, let us not forget about the Scripture of what will happen at the endtime. The Word of God tells us about the antichrist and says THEY ARE EVEN HERE.
    As i close this comment, let us forget about Jonathan and rather look onto God for our personal salvation and pray for divine peace for those that fear God and does His will in this nation.

  8. I wonder who dis Jonathan culd be. A man who is nt competent or capable of handling de machineries of dis country but can only swize our funds in2 foreign account. Jonathan God is watchin uoooooo,learn ur answers on earth here bcos God ve already prepared his question 4u.

  9. Jonathan is a member of secret society. He depend so much on them that they tell him what to do. He rather sacrifice all those young girl’s for his political ambitious than loosing his second time bid. Now since it became evident that this president know what to do but refuse to do it, my prayer is, may his household also experience the same agony that all 275 school children went through IJN.

  10. Hnmmmm,this I̶̲̥̅̊s serious i can see †нε groaning of the man, but I’m referring to everybody…………who I̶̲̥̅̊s to blame???

  11. Some people are talking rubbish,why are u blaming jonathan instead of d northern elders and d emirs cos dey know d sponsors of boko-haram,wat about all d military head of state from d north like Babangida,Buhari,Gowon,Abdulsalam,Shagari and d rest of dem,wat are dey doing wen dis boko boy started are dey waiting for jonathan to fight for dem wen d boko-haram are demolishing d whole north bcs an ijaw man is d president,well if dey like let dem keep quite is non of our business.

  12. WiACh way naija…….soldiers wit amunition run 4 dier lives….wat abt we ciVilian dat dnt evn hav kitchen knife @ home 2 defend ourselfs wit????……OLUWA HELP NAIJA

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