Igbo Traders In Kaduna Close Shops Over Fear Of Reprisal Attack From Hausas

igbo traders kaduna close shop fear reprisal attack

September 15, 2017 – Igbo Traders In Kaduna Under Tension Over Fear Of Reprisal Attack From Hausas

Igbo traders in Kaduna closed their shops today following rumour of a looming reprisal by Hausa youths shortly after Friday Jumat service.

The rumoured attack was said to be a response to reported killings of Hausa/Fulanis in Abia State by alleged Biafran agitators.

But the tension fizzled out when there was no such attack anywhere in the state.

Shops owned by Igbo traders at the Sheikh Abubakar Gumi Central Market and the neighbouring markets were hurriedly locked before the Juma’at Prayer.

While many didn’t open for business throughout the day again, others who did in the afternoon could not display their goods.

An Igbo trader at Chechenia Market. Mr. Mark Ibe, said they decided to lock their shops on the strength of rumour on the social media that Thursday’s violence in Jos would spill over to Kaduna yesterday.

“You can even see that I I’m not displaying my wares fully outside and the shop entrance is partly closed.

“This is to avoid destruction. Should anything happen, I can easily disappear.

“The tension affected our business, as those who wanted to buy things couldn’t see us in the shop.

“Some of us may not even open for business for some time to allow tension cool down.”

Meanwhile, security agents paraded the city and normalcy returned around midday.


5 thoughts on “Igbo Traders In Kaduna Close Shops Over Fear Of Reprisal Attack From Hausas

  1. Why is Kanu Nnamdi playing with innocent Igbo lives all over the country just for him to stay relevant? Only a wicked soul gamble with the businesses, security, peace and precious lives of God’s children for him or her to remain relevant. Igbo youths and elders should immediately comdemn all activities of IPOB and denounce Kanu Nnamdi with a strong voice for peace to reign in the northern Nigeria and Southeast region. Enough of this bloodbath in name of hatred, succession, tribalism, and division. No more military intervention in the Southeast region, just arrest that guy called Kanu and leave innocent Igbo people in peace and alone.

  2. They will wait for you to re open shop and get comfortable before they attack. Attack on their kinsmen will never be forgiven. Kanu has his family in Europe and will always return to them

  3. IT IS so sad that things have turned this way. IPOB has hitherto been very peaceful until the python started dancing. It is simply what the military and the police did to IPOB members that were at Kanu’s house, and how the army brutalized some others heading to Umuahia from Port Harcourt that led to all this. My aim is not to justify this gung-ho destructiveness, but balancing the news would help us put things in their proper perspectives. The very video clip that’s gone viral of the grossly inhumane treatment meted out against some IPOB members in Abia State have NOT been reported here. Some of the guys died in the process, and the media does not deem that an act of terrorism; NG does not reckon it worth publishing.

    WELL, LET me stop here lest I am misunderstood.

    • Good observation Metu Nyetu. The fact is that no media will like to risk the regime’s fury for reporting stories that are true but against them. So I wouldn’t blame any who refuses to broadcast the atrocious and barbaric act committed by the military for fear of arrest and of losing there licence.

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