John Dumelo & Majid Michel Spotted In New York City

john dumelo majid michel new york

Sept 16, 2013 – John Dumelo & Majid Michel Spotted In New York City (Pictures)

Ghanaian movie star John Dumelo and his best pal, Majid Michel were recently spotted painting the city of New York red in a luxury car.

According to sources, the talented movie stars embarked on a long road trip on Thursday, the 12th of September 2013.

Though their final destination wasn’t revealed, the two reportedly rented the expensive Chevy car for the fun business trip.

See John Dumelo packing up for the journey below;

john dumelo in new york

Chei! JD has gained a lot of weight o.. check out his neck #evidenceofgoodliving

8 thoughts on “John Dumelo & Majid Michel Spotted In New York City

  1. Una 4 tell me in advance say una dey come,I 4 tell my mama 4 naija make she arrange small ogili,abacha and red oil 4 me.una just enter plane land here empty handed,go rent big motor dey paint town red while una RED dey here dey dream of common abacha.I no go watch una firm again unless una arrange bitter leave soup and akpu 4 me.

  2. Chei baby Red, dis ur talk nw don dey make me dey jealous ooo.. No make me fil say i go fit loose u 2 dese cameroonians o! Abeg no gv me sliplss 9th o eheen.

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