Juliet Ibrahim To Singles “Avoid Sex Before Marriage – What If You End Up Not Marrying?”

juliet ibrahim sex before marriage

July 3rd, 2013 – Juliet Ibrahim To Singles “Avoid Sex Before Marriage If You Can- What If You End Up Not Marrying?”

Controversial Ghanaian actress Juliet Ibrahim in this recent interview on Flytime TV has a piece of advice for singles on sex before marriage.

The actress who talked at length about her childhood said she can never act nude in movies.

Interview excerpt below

Juliet Ibrahim On Her Childhood

” My childhood was not a stable one because we grew up in war torn  countries so my family and I were always relocating. I grew up in  Liberia, Lebanon and Ivorycoast before we finally moved back to Ghana.  There were happy moments when I was in school but most of my childhood  moments are not quite exciting.”

About Family Life & Mother

“By the grace of God I have been able to describe myself or call myself a  “superwoman”. It’s not easy, but with the help of my wonderful mom I  have been able to juggle it all. She takes care of my son whenever I  have to be out on the road. My husband is also quite a busy person so we  are both always on the road. I actually do make time for my son  whenever I am in Ghana and not on set. He is so much fun to be around  and every time I am away I miss him so much. I also run a boutique in  Accra so when I am not on set filming I am taking care of my business. My son’s name is Jayden.  He is 2yrs old and he is the sweetest person I have ever met in my life, I love him so much”.- aww!

On her hairstyles “My hair is one thing i love to always change. I have never kept the same  look for a long period of time. it depends on my mood and my dress code  for an event, hence i have so many wigs in my closet.”

On Coping With Insultive Fans On Social Media Sites

“I take constructive criticism and learn but if the person is getting  too offensive I simply block them. It comes with the fame so best to  block the person.”

Juliet Ibrahim On Sex Before Marriage

It’s always based on individual preferences. it is advised not to have  sex before marriage so I always encourage the youth to try their best  not to be misled into having sex before marriage. 80% of the time, you  can never end up marrying the one you first had sex with, so it’s best  you avoid it and just wait for the right time and right one.

“I won’t go nude in a movie, for example you won’t see me acting a porn movie lol. Not for all the money or fame in the world.”

[Interview culled from Flytime TV]

24 thoughts on “Juliet Ibrahim To Singles “Avoid Sex Before Marriage – What If You End Up Not Marrying?”

  1. who cares about ur ranting?with ur four nationalities.go t ur home country and impact their lives.leave sentiments alone

  2. wetin this ghanaro dey find for Naija blog wey she just dey talk anyhow of OJB Jezreel. I beg make una no give Ghana space to come colonise us again after British.All her admonition na nonsense. We no wan hear.I beg

  3. Mumu girl after all the Abuja men don scatter
    Ur yansh u come dey yahn dis shit. uno be
    Role model so park well Joor

  4. You mama gave you same advise to wait till the right time.Can you prove you have not tasted it.

    • You are a f**l, avoid asking questions which are senseless if someone is giving a faithful advise to people especially youths, there is need to praise her, unlike your f****hness. id**t

  5. This Boko Haram of a girl runs her mouth too much. you better go back to the North or better still run back to your Country Ghana and run your mouth there. You keep talking rubbish these days, just mind yourself – foolish Boko Haramist.

  6. Sincerely,people I don’t think she said anything wrong here to warrant your sarcastic comments! Please be more objective rather than take things personal.Thanks!!!

  7. U guyz r foolish,even though she does it ,its nt ur buisness.i guess shes talkn 4rm experience & its jst an advice.u leave it or u tk it

  8. All she said is true. I will also advice all the young girls who are still vergins to keep their verginity to the right person at the right time. i am 26 yrs am not a prostitude but to find on my self i have sleep(have sex) with over 50 men. This is an open conversion , and in this a lot of unwanted pregnancies occur. Even having a child out of wedlock and I regret a lot becos in my village and school then they was no good teaching about sex, effect of abortion even importance of keeping verginity. And now my ernest desire and dream is to teach train the world on the effect of premarital sex and the joy of verginiy(being a vergin)

  9. she is right at least we have hard her say her youthful age was not all or very exiting. they say experiene is the best teacher so she has a reason for saying that. even me too.


    • 4 d pple who hate gud advices, is becos dey r part of it and dey r not ready to repent of it kpkam.

  11. What ever she says that’s for her own, let her say what she want say, but as for me their is no where in the world to day that you will see a relationship without sex. Nomatte who you are or how graceful you may be, as far as you are into a relationship with a man or a woman sex is their.

  12. Juliet, U̶̲̥̅̊ я̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ a bloody liar, by say U̶̲̥̅̊ can’t act nude in movies, cos ’ve seen several of Ʊ® movies when U̶̲̥̅̊ act dirty nude scenes, and  still put it †̥o U̶̲̥̅̊ that U̶̲̥̅̊’я̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ not a virgin when U̶̲̥̅̊ got married, so stop talking nonsense.

  13. God bless u Juliet Ibrahim for that wonderful advise…I have always said it that TRUE LUV HAS NOTHING TO DO WIT SEX B4 MARRIAGE!

  14. Truth is bitter they said, why did people hate it(truth)? what she has said(Juliet) is nothing but the simple truth, take it or leave it. The Bible condemns sex before marriage, if truly you are a child of GOD and born again christian you will understand what it means to abstain from youthful lust. If you want to make the devil your father in-law, continue to indulge in sexual immorality before marriage, and don’t forget 70% of your joy is gone, you have sinned against your own body and GOD Almighty.

  15. Yes trut z bitter,juliet u ve just said d trut early sex can ruine ur future abstain from it.

  16. Upon all the mouth u make for ojb matter! yet one naria u no fit donate! Yet u want to dey claim scent here! Rubbish.

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