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dino melaye detained npf

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Melaye Detained As NPF File 9 New Charges Against Him For Resisting Arrest & Accusing IGP Of Planning To Kill Him

dino melaye detained npf

Melaye Detained As NPF File 9 New Charges Against Him For Resisting Arrest & Accusing IGP Of Planning To Inject Him To Death

The NPF has ignored a court order granting Kogi West Senator Dino Melaye bail.

The embattled lawmaker was not released on Monday despite the fact that he had fulfilled his bail conditions.

Punch NG learnt that the FCT Commissioner of Police, who was served the bail order, declined to release the senator.

Findings showed that the police had filed fresh nine charges against the embattled lawmaker and one Silas Omenka.

The charge dated January 14, 2019,was co-signed by Kehinde Oluwole, Malik Taiwo and Seyi Otunla, all of the force legal office, Abuja.

Melaye was accused of illegal obstruction of lawful arrest, resisting arrest and accusing the erstwhile Inspector-General of Police, Ibrahim Idris, of planning to “inject him to death.”

One of the charges read in part;

“That you Senator Dino Melaye, 45years, representing Kogi West… at about 11am, at your residence… inform the public on Twitter that the police detectives are trying to plant guns in your cars outside, an information you know to be false… thereby committing an offence punishable under Section 392 of the Penal Code.”



  1. Endurance

    January 22, 2019 at 7:46 AM

    What is the meaning of all this witch-hunt in the name of political parties in Nigeria? Why would you like to ruin the political career of someone simply because he’s outspoken against your inept government and not affiliated to your God-forsaking party? All charges cooked up and brought against him in the past is yet to make any headway in the court because no iota of truth in them. Now you APC proxies and tools in the hand of the repressive regime are coming up with fresh charges that has no bottom of truth in them. Let’s see how your charges unfold against this innocent man.

  2. DB

    January 22, 2019 at 8:18 AM

    45 looking 65. Lousy goat

  3. NIYI

    January 22, 2019 at 8:20 AM

    The down fall of a noise maker.

  4. Jilo

    January 22, 2019 at 3:58 PM

    I think Dino should be taught a good lesson. I appreciate the fact that our law enforcement agencies are now devising a new method of bringing criminals like Dino and other useless politicians to justice. It is no longer a routine process when they will secure a bail and continue dragging their case for years and years and in the end evade justice. What NPF did is a smart move and legal way of making sure Dino didn’t go unpunished. They do that in most part of western world by bringing another charges if they aware that the offender is trying to evade justice using the weakness of law. A guy was rearrested when the prosecutor could not convict him of drug charges. He was detained immediately after the judge ordered his release and charged for tax evasion. Trust me if you have lived in the US and IRS bring a case against you, that is it. The prison sentence and penalty for IRS tax fraud is more than drug charges. I saw this not that someone told me.

    Enough is enough for allowing these dirty politicians getting away with criminality. The Nigerian police has established its evidence that Dino Melaye brought weapons for all arrested thugs to be used against his political opponents. Many killings going on around the Country have been orchestrated by people like Dino and co. If we fail to bring them to justice now, ordinary people may find it difficult to live in this Country. This is not about political witch-hunt. Dino has been caught red handed, let him face the music.

    • Endurance

      January 22, 2019 at 11:08 PM

      Jilo,,police bunch of evidences brought forward against the accused remains insubstantive as long as it has not been proving in the court and as such, Dino melaye remains an innocent man according to the law of the country. Charges can be cooked up and framed by a hostile enemy against an innocent someone just to ridicule, blackmail and see the person punished and suffer. This is the true picture of what is at stake now with Dino melaye and the government. The two suspects who reportedly implicated Dino melaye in offences bothering on criminal conspiracy, illegal possessions of fire arms and illegal arms dealing, have recounted, saying the allegations were not true before kogi senior magistrate court, lokoja. This were people who initially implicated Dino Melaye saying the senator had giving them guns and the sum of N430,000 in preparation for the 2019 general election but latter recounted that the allegations were false in an open court !!. Then the question begging for answer is, how credible are the police evidences against Dino Melaye when the two suspects, Nuhu Salihu and Kabiru Seidu who implicated Dino melaye in this case have already declared those charges as false before the court? Does this not shows completely that something is fishy? When this cooked up allegations could not be successfully used against this innocent man despite his presence in various court sessions, all IG of police could do is file up fresh charges against him in an effort to get him this time. It is herefore not difficult for one to know that this is a clear act of witch-hunting and unfortunately the police force in Nigeria have been bought over by the APC regime. When the suspended APC senator Omo-Agege led thugs, invaded the national assembly and forcefully seized the mace–a symbol of senate authority–and carted away with it under the glaring eyes of the CCTV ? camera, why has the overzealous IG of police left him roming the street without been arrested and brought to book? Why did this criminal act of treason committed by the APC senator that has brought us shame and ridicule in the eyes of the international community swept under the carpet by the Buhari led-administration? Was the IG of police blind when all this criminality took place in the government house last year? But in sharp contrast, charges filed against Dino Melaye by the police has up till now not made any headway in the court because they are malicious and false aimed at silencing the highly respected opposition member. The fact is that, the regime quest to continue muzzling and clamping down on the opposition party members leaving it own members with history of corruption freely walking on the streets without prosecution will only fuel political crisis in the country.

      • Jilo

        January 23, 2019 at 6:22 PM

        Endurance, do not trust Nigerian politicians, they are ready to take the lives of their political opponents without thinking about it for a second. Now, are you telling me that all political killings around Nigeria were planned by Ghana people? Who are those responsible for the killing then? An average Nigerian politician is a potential killer. I trusted the Nigerian Police on this one because Dino is a politician and most of Nigeria politicians are not always trustworthy. Had Dino not a politician, I may think twice on my verdict.

  5. Fifelomo

    January 22, 2019 at 6:24 PM

    Won ti get yin sir!

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