Nigerian Air Force Fighter Jets Destroy Boko Haram Fuel Depot As Clearance Operation Continues

boko haram fuel depot

April 13, 2016 – Nigerian Air Force Fighter Jets Destroy Boko Haram Fuel Depot In Borno State As Clearance Operation Continues

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF), yesterday said its fighter jets on internal security operations in the North East, on Monday bombarded another logistics base belonging to the Boko Haram terrorists in Borno State.

The camp, suspected to be a fuel dump, located at Kangarawa in northern part of Borno State, was destroyed by NAF F-7Ni fighter jet.

NAF, in a statement issued by its director, Public Relations and Information, Group Captain Ayodele Famuyiwa, said “the scale of accompanying inferno and multi explosions seen from the footage of the air strike, suggests that the location, possibly, houses a fuel or ammunition dump”.

Famuyiwa said the strike constituted another major setback for the insurgents, while providing tangible evidence of many of the recent successes recorded by the air component of Operation Lafiya Dole.


7 thoughts on “Nigerian Air Force Fighter Jets Destroy Boko Haram Fuel Depot As Clearance Operation Continues

  1. So boko had so much fuel stored up somewhere while the rest of the country wallowed in fuel scarcity? God dey snd evil will not win.

  2. @Big Anty koks, its possible that a filling station owner who‘s also supporting the insurgency might be the one supplying them thesame fuel he would refused to sell to the public.

    Almost all muslims are partners in crime boko harams bigots. In one way or the other, they all share same veiws as donations of food, money, and man power is coming from every angle in their supports.

    Islam is one repulsive pleague more dangerous than all the pleagues of Egypt put together. A religion in which even the devil himself is well pleased. Formed by one vagabond mohammed like that they decietfully adressed as a prophet. Of course he was indeed a prophet of DOOM. (PBUH)- Pains Be Upon Him.

    My stroll hunting continues…

  3. @olarewju Didn’t U See Wat Femi-Fani Kayode Said D Last Time About 9 Men From Nigeria Dat Went To Sudan Wen Osama-Bin-Ladin Came To Africa,Those 9 Men Killed An Igbo-Man In Kano State,Dey Cut Off His Head & Hung It On A Pole & Go Round Kano State,So My Brother D Sponsor Is Inside & Outside Nigeria.

  4. These Boko haram and their tactics of getting anything they want tire me o. Even as we are suffering fuel scarcity, they have enough fuel to facilitate their movement. Kudos Nigerian Air Force

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