Nigerian Embassy In Lebanon Issues Visa To Wanted Terrorist, ISIS Leader, Buhari Orders Probe

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August 19, 2015 – Nigerian Embassy In Lebanon Issues Visa To ISIS Leader Wanted Terrorist, Buhari Orders Probe

President Muhammadu Buhari has ordered a full probe of the Nigerian embassy in Lebanon for issuing visa to a wanted terrorist, Ahmad al-Assir arrested while fleeing into Nigeria.

A Presidency source revealed to Vanguard yesterday that Buhari has directed the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to investigate the issuance of the visa.

“The reported‎ arrest of the wanted terrorist is a huge embarrassment to Nigeria and the President has directed that the matter should be investigated. The embassy in Lebanon has been directed to furnish the ministry with details of how the man got the visa. The National Intelligence Agency Officer has been directed to provide details of what happened” the Presidency source said.

Ahmad Al Assir avoided arrest with 70s makeover until he was caught at an airport in Lebanon last week while trying to escape into Nigeria.

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The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist sect was planning to make him an Emir in Lebanon during the time of his arrest.

Thank God the monster didn’t enter Nigeria.

7 thoughts on “Nigerian Embassy In Lebanon Issues Visa To Wanted Terrorist, ISIS Leader, Buhari Orders Probe

  1. Alot of Nigerians in high offices are GOATS why some are humans!! can you just imagine a terroriest been issued a visa?

  2. Corruption among Nigeria’s embassy is rampant especially in places where there is high demand for Nigerian visas, a good example is Lebanon and India. There are cases where visas are issued without the physical appearance of applicants as long cash is offered to the immigration officers. In many of the Companies owned by Asian business owners you will see a lot of Asians working who don’t have any specialised skills, have a very poor spoken and written English Language , how did they pass their visa screening? The answer is simple the visa issuing process is enmeshed in corruption. Nigerian embassies abroad should be overhauled, the immigration department in charge of issuing work permit to foreigners in Nigeria should also be thoroughly investigated.

  3. @sir john you’re right, corruption has eaten up this great nation called Nigeria, if nothing is done very urgent we all will suffer in this nation.

  4. The reason why i keep silent on this issues of the terrorist is that am still praying and holy spirit is revealing some secret that is hiding to me but not yet in details.
    kudos to those that appreciate God in me, takes for your care, i will speak as the Lord lead when it’s time.

  5. Please the investigation should also get to include those whom this bastard is coming to meet in nigeria, atleast that would help us to fish out the bad eggs amongst us.Thank God for this victory over satan and his co-horts.

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