Nigerian Man From Anambra Puts Newborn Baby Girl On Bundles Of US Dollar Bills, Orders Her To Step On It

nigerian igbo man baby girl dollar step on it

Nigerian Igbo Man From Anambra Puts Newborn Baby Girl On Bundles Of US Dollar Bills, Orders Her To Step On It

Check out the viral video of an indigene of Anambra state (judging by his accent) who put his newborn baby on bundles of US dollar bills and ordered her to step on the money that had insulted him so much in life.

Here is the translation of the video:

“lack of money made us suffer but now we have the money…step on it. Baby you came in plenty.

You will enjoy money anything you want spend …there is money real money…money that was used to defeat us in the war…

Only one wrap is long life .Baby step on the money money had insulted me so much in my life now this money step on it …

America money that gives long life”

According to social media commentators, this kind of money can only be realised through unclean means.

No man who makes his money in a legitimate way will abuse it in this manner.

9 thoughts on “Nigerian Man From Anambra Puts Newborn Baby Girl On Bundles Of US Dollar Bills, Orders Her To Step On It

  1. I was able to count 62 bundles; each bundle is $ 10,000, I think everything should be $1 million; 100 bundles of $100 bills. I am not mad at you, parvenu, this will pay all the government workers in your village.

  2. He is a bloody fool. The child’s skin may be sensitive to the chemicals used in printing the $ bill’s. Illiteracy is a disease.

  3. Tout…his apprehension is kind of easy with such stupid display and hope he accepts the outcome when karma lands.

  4. I do not support his childish act, but, there is no easy way to make money…. UNCLEAN? even Bill Gate’s money is unclean……..the most difficult part is how to handle it because it’s own spirit sharks more than opium.

  5. Those dollar bills were probably printed in Aba. Igbo people are known as counterfeit experts, especially in the field of fake drugs, with due respect to the innocent among them. How can anyone shackle a newborn baby with chains around her ankles? Do they know the spiritual implications? Anyway, ignorance born out of illiteracy is a disease. One buried his mother and another Igbo man his father in brand new Hummer jeep cars. Does that guarantee they will land in heaven or rather provoke God’s anger in a nation of mostly hungry children and people in general? As I quoted last week “education frees man from being a slave”. Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates will never behave that way. Shame.

    • @lola o Fantastic comment from you here but the part with the igbo people are known as counterfeit experts is kinda awful because the entire world is in a big mess at moment..crime and corruption all over the place.
      your name on here Lola, sounds Yoruba, so what are yoruba people known as and other Tribe in Nigeria??

      • Hey, keep it real, my people(Yorubas) are known for senseless parties, backstabbing and equal to Ibo folks when it comes to show of vanity.

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