Nigerian Police Officers Among Boko Haram Members


boko haram nigerian policemen

Oct 25, 2012 – Nigerian Police Officers Among Boko Haram Members

In a shocking revelation by Frank Mbah, Nigerian Police Force Public Relations Officer, Boko Haram terrorist sect has Nigerian Policemen as part of it’s force.

A top Nigerian Immigration officer, Ahmed Grema who was arrested back in September revealed this secret.

He claimed top officials of the Nigerian Police Force and security agencies are members of Boko Haram terrorist sect.

According to Grema’s confession, top security agents with the aide of Police officers have helped him in the murder of senior civil servants, SSS officials and politicians.

We learnt these criminals have varnished into thin air after his confession.

According to Franh Mbah, the affected police officers and their accomplice can run but the long arm of the law will eventually catch up with them, no matter where they run to.

Who is safe in this country?