Nigerian Scammer, Yahoo Boy Caught Eating Poop In Ado Ekiti Burnt To Death By Angry Mob

yahoo boy eating poop human faeces ado ekiti

Nigerian Scammer, Yahoo Boy Caught Eating Poop, Human Faeces In Ado Ekiti Burnt To Death By Angry Mob

A suspected yahoo plus boy who was caught eating poop in Ekiti state has been killed.

The alleged internet scammer believed to be in his 30s became a victim of jungle justice after several failed attempts to locate people to rescue him.

According to witnesses, the man was caught eating faeces by an elderly woman who shouted to attract the youths.

He was apprehended and paraded round  town unclad before he was lynched after the youths received a go-ahead from Ado Ekiti monarch , Oba Rufus Adeyemo Adejugbe.

In his last bid to escape death, he mentioned the name of a white garment prophet who ordered him to go and eat human faeces for ritual. The  mob reportedly followed him to the white garment church at Odo-Ado area of the town, but they couldn’t find the clergyman he had mentioned.

The victim later bolted, but the mob caught up with him at Red Roof junction and set him ablaze.

The white garment church in question has been destroyed by the mob.

9 thoughts on “Nigerian Scammer, Yahoo Boy Caught Eating Poop In Ado Ekiti Burnt To Death By Angry Mob

  1. There are certain things in life that are pricky to the ears. Imagine a Human being eating poo for ritual purposes in other to get only God knows what?
    Puwaa! I spat.
    This is really disgusting to hear. This is animalistic.

    I take a stroll…

  2. That serves him right! It appears that Nigerians are now waking up to establish a good environment for themselves. No Alien will come down from a Space to solve our problem for us, we must do this by ourselves.

    This is big lesson for some youths who never want to cross any hurdles in their life’s yet they want to become a millionaire overnight. It’s never happens that way. Again people in that community should try to locate that white garment Pastor who ordered that young man to go and eat human feces in order to become rich. He deserves to be lynched too. When those young men cannot find fake pastors who can deceive them into committing such despicable crime, they will stop looking for what they have not lost.

  3. Let them find that white garment fake pastor and serve him the same poop…

    It’s unfortunate that the government/politicians has created an atmosphere which leads our young people to be wasting their Adrenalin rush stage in life, and the so called pastor/religious leaders, who are agents of the politicians are using the opportunity to be showcasing the work of their gods (humiliation and disgrace) while enriching themselves.

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