Okorocha Makes History As 1st Nigerian Governor To Help 305 Youths Become Instant Millionaires

okorocha turns 305 youths into instant millionaire

Sunday July 23, 2017 –  Rochas Okorocha Makes History As 1st Nigerian Governor To Help 305 Youths Become Instant Millionaires

Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State has empowered 305 youths from the 305 wards across the 27 local government areas of the state with the sum of One Million Naira (N1 million) each, instantly transforming them into millionaires.

“I declare myself the grand patron of all the Youth Million­aires”, Governor Okorocha de­clared during a brief cheque-hand-over ceremony at the government house in Owerri on Thursday, July 13.

According to him, the ‘One Million Naira’ largesse was to encourage the youths to suc­ceed and begin to contribute to the progress and prosperity of the state and the country.

He assured the beneficiaries of his assistance towards making sure that they prosper in their business endeavors.

“Henceforth if you encounter problems in running your var­ious businesses you should feel free to consult me by channeling your difficulties through the Chief of Staff. My dream is to make sure that in the next one year your story will change for better”, he told the elated youth millionaires.

Okorocha, according to a statement issued by his Chief Press Secretary, Sam Onwue­meodo, disclosed that the ges­ture was in line with his dream to reduce the poverty rate in the state to 5percent from the current 14percent.

The governor gave a brief outline of his administration’s efforts to uplift the poor in the state:

“We have employed ten young graduates from each of the 305 wards totaling 3050. We have empowered ten women in each of the wards with N100,000 also totaling N305million.

And today, we have given One Million Naira each to 305 youths. Those in school are enjoying our free education programme. We are determined to give poverty a deadly blow in the state”.

Responding on behalf of the beneficiaries, Mr. Ashankeo­nye Obioma Francis pledged the allegiance and support to the governor and his develop­ment efforts in the state, assur­ing that they would succeed in whatever venture they use the money for. [Report With Oriental Daily]

8 thoughts on “Okorocha Makes History As 1st Nigerian Governor To Help 305 Youths Become Instant Millionaires

  1. Shameless politicians. .those in school are enjoying free education as if you are paying from your pocket and given 10 women 100.000 Naira to do what?
    How much do you give to Runs girls you mingle with?
    God will judge all of you in power

  2. Who can tell me the difference between a scammer,politicians and fake men of god? Okorocha is still on the game under section 419.

  3. Why show their faces? Tomorrow okorocha will send kidnappers to kidnap them and collect the money back from them. Okorocha is a magician meaning you can not get anything from him free. He wants to be president and he will do anything to get there their.

  4. What was the selection criteria?
    Person wey no pay salaries de make people millionaires…..ONLY IN NIGERIA!
    I take a stroll

  5. he can deceive man but he cannot deceive God. whatever he sow, he will reap, both former Abia state governor, Theodore orji, they all reap what they sow by the grace of God and Amaechi will not escape judgement of God.

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