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Oluchi Orlandi Has Anger Problems: Nigerians Blast Model For Insulting African Journalists

oluchi orlandi anger problems

Nov 13, 2013 – Oluchi Orlandi Has Bad Tempers: Nigerians Blast Model For Insulting African Journalists

3 weeks after Nigerian international model, Oluchi Onweagba-Orlandi launched a series of attacks on Twitter and called her fellow Africans animals, she, on Friday 8 November, re-enacted her saucy side as she insulted a group of journalists who were at the premiere of her new show, Africa’s Next Top Model.

Oluchi, who was the chief hostess at the weekend event held at Pravada Lounge on Victoria Island, Lagos, created an ugly drama as she snubbed the media reps who had asked to be treated well after being made to stand while others were on their seats during the delayed press conference.

P.M.NEWS Showbiz Trends gathered that the whole drama started after the model, who came far late into the event, caused the organisers to move the earlier scheduled media briefing into the noisy main hall of the night club.
And of course, the journalists were not comfortable with the arrangement considering the boisterous crowd and noise.

After about three questions and her impolite responses, the newsmen stopped asking questions.
Oluchi sensed their coldness and then asked if there were further questions, to which one of the journalists expressed disgust over the humiliation they had been subjected to.

Rather than apologise, Oluchi angrily muttered:
“I am only here to party and not to be answering questions.”

And she walked away leaving the angry journalists in the middle of the club.

When the organisers went to confer with her, she remained adamant.
Even when the whole scenario was reported to the publisher of a fashion and lifestyle magazine, and our correspondent was invited to iron out the matter, Oluchi threw caution to the winds when she told the reporter, “Don’t touch me please,” when she was about to be stopped from walking away for the second time.

“Oluchi should be world class…she should be able to control herself in public no matter how upset she is. It’s called anger management,” said a concerned guest who observed the drama at the event.
P.M.NEWS Showbiz Trends learnt that Oluchi has a record of bad temperament and is said to be hostile to journalists.

That was what manifested when she threw caution to the winds with her recent outburst on Twitter. Her series on Twitter read:

“I am disgusted. DISGUSTED by human behaviour…Africans be like “no funds no meetings”… MONEY is not the root of evil. “Greedy Humans” are the root of evil… Hopefully I won’t throw up soon. Bunch of inconsiderate animals!!!!…They know price tag of everything and the VALUE of nothing!!!…Incompetent idiots. Ugly souls. Monsters in human forms!…They won’t let me enjoy my beauty sleep!”

And she got a lot of bashing for her coarse tweets.

One Akindele wrote then:

“This girl is just a fool…so because you marry Oyibo now, folks back home are now ‘Africans’? Shame, a Nigerian should be propagating this sort of ignorance.Can’t she just say ‘These guys’ or even be specific? But she would rather tag all Africans, feeding into stereotypes of racists around her. Nonsense, is Africa one country? How many Africans have she met? Village girl made into Face of Africa.”

[Culled from PM News]



  1. Ngozi Igwe

    November 13, 2013 at 10:12 PM

    Its obvious Oluchi hates African men not necessarily women that is why she married a white man
    May be a Nigerian has broken her heart
    Oluchi let go of all hurts u have against Africans
    to err is human To forgive is divine

  2. Amara

    November 13, 2013 at 10:14 PM

    I believe she has some personal problems she is dealing with
    she married an Italian man 20 years older than her when there are rich men in Nigeria dying to have her.

  3. Tide Martins

    November 13, 2013 at 10:21 PM

    pls don’t blame her getting angry is a general trend with models.
    Go and read the story of Naomi campbell
    sorry Oluchi

  4. red

    November 14, 2013 at 4:05 AM

    If you have ever be so hungry that sharing a dog’s food is welcomed like a birthday care you will then pity her.oluchi is almost a pin thin woman with kids to stress her more,the few models i did their make up just sit there crying like babies because they are so hungry to the point of passing out and still can’t eat instead they go for cotton balls(cotton wool),some take just a spoon full of sugar and they still have to work out on a empty tummy,They fear adding weight more than AIDS,this makes majority of them act insane and snapping,The food will be there posing and smiling to you to have a party in your tummy yet you can’t eat and when they do they throw up.before you get mad with Oluchi,try taking a bone from a very very hungry dog.I know is still not enough to be rude or place yourself above others Oluchi,kind words and respect for others who respect themselves don’t cost a dime,try yoga when you are highly tense up it helps a lot or meditation before someone sue your pants off your waist.

  5. Ebony

    November 14, 2013 at 9:13 AM

    oluchi we Nigerians are very much disgusted and irritated by you and the attitude you portray.if funds where nt given to you wuld you ve been whr you are 2day?you are evil.dnt even fink of throwing up bcos if RUBBISHu do u will regret it.see pot calling kettle black u dear open ur mouth to call sum persons animals u re the MOTHER OF ANIMALS.since we dnt knw d value of notin n u knw d value of all that mks u so stupid and arrogant dat u cnt manage ur anger and treat pple wth respect.oluchi u d competent fool and mannerless being.u re also a beautiful witch,ugly minded ghost.VILLAGE GIRL FROM THE GUTTERS MADE INTO FACE OF AFRICA which pride hs made her forget where she is coming from.mtchwwwwwwwww.RUBBISH

  6. Blaze_boy

    November 14, 2013 at 9:41 AM

    She’s pissed off lol but f**k u oluchi u ve 4goten hw u started n where u from of course I am an ibo buy n u r my sis but stfu n put ur ego down nonsense

  7. uche lizzy

    November 14, 2013 at 11:58 AM

    oluchi attended surulere girls secondary school moshalashi.for more me mr editor.she is a good girl.i was her school daughter.

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