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One Week In Office, Donald Trump Already Dividing America

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One Week In Office, Donald Trump Already Dividing America

donald trump adolf hitler

January 31st, 2017 – New York Time Columnist Suggests Donald Trump Acting Like Adolf Hitler

A columnist with The New York Times, Maureen Dowd has painted a portrait of Donald Trump’s first week in office as Eddie Iroh puts it on his Facebook page, “has ringing echoes of Adolf Hitler. And it is all happening before our very eyes!” Below is the article titled Wild Child Takes Charge as published by New York Times.

So now we’re getting the crazy straight up. The Doomsday Clock is ticking faster, the resistance is growing, and teetotaler Donald Trump already seems drunk with power.

He’s got the role of his life and he’s casting his show: Steve Bannon is his Roy Cohn, the combative hammer and agitprop genius; Theresa May is Maggie to his Ronnie; Ivanka and Jared are his consiglieri, family to help him figure out who stays and who gets iced; Vladimir Putin echoes the role of Trump’s dad, Fred, who was supremely aggressive and calculating, cool where Donald was hot, someone who believed the world was divided into killers and losers. (But in Putin’s case, it’s literal.)

It took us years to find out that Richard Nixon was swilling Scotch, eating dog biscuits, talking to the White House portraits and blowing up the Vietnam peace talks in 1968 to help his election bid. It took us years to find out that, despite that deep, reassuring voice, Dick Cheney was a demented megalomaniac.

But with President Trump, it’s all right out there — the tantrums, the delusions, the deceptions, the self-doubts and overcompensation.

If the last president was too above the fray, this one is the fray. We’ve gone from no drama to all drama, a high ethical standard to no ethical standard.

Those who go into the Oval Office with chips on their shoulders and deep wells of insecurity, like Nixon, W. and Donald Trump, are not going to suddenly glow with self-assurance. The White House tends to bring out paranoia and insecurity.

Still, it was stunning how fast it got weird. To Trump biographer Tim O’Brien, the new president conjured the image of “a guy on a pogo stick in the Rose Garden bouncing around with a TV remote control in his hand trying to decide what to respond to in the next 30 seconds on Twitter.”

The White House “is distilling Donald to his essence,” says another biographer, Michael D’Antonio. “If he could have commanded the attention of the world media every day of his life in the past he would have. The fact that the press corps is captive in the White House and can be dragged into these executive order signings is, for him, like mainlining heroin.

“He has hit his stride and is thrilled with this. The only thing that torments him is the disapproval of The New York Times. Every story that is critical of him hurts.”

The former reality star who now denies reality rode the resentment of the aggrieved white working class to the Oval Office and bashes the press but, as D’Antonio says, “he wants the elites’ approval and is always enraged when he doesn’t get it.”

Instead of basking in the most unlikely victory in modern history, President Trump spiraled into a bizarre, Freudian obsession about whether the crowd on the Mall for his inaugural speech was as big as President Obama’s in 2009.

When the National Park Service retweeted a picture comparing the crowds of the two presidents, showing unoccupied swaths at Trump’s, the Trump administration punished the trolling resisters at the park service by shutting down their Twitter account for the night.

On Saturday, the skyscraper czar who pledged to do big things used his first full day as president to again go small. According to The Washington Post, Trump called the acting director of the park service to berate him about the retweet and order him to provide different photos that depicted the crowd that churned through the windmills of his mind.

Then President Trump went to the C.I.A. and, instead of apologizing for comparing the intelligence community to Nazi Germany, continued to whinge about the “dishonest” media’s coverage of his crowd size.

Later in the day, agitated by that and by the remarkable swell of women’s marches with their pink-hat contempt for him — around the world and outside his window — President Trump brushed off the advisers trying to calm him down and sent Sean Spicer rushing out to hotly confront the press and offer his now infamous alternative facts.

The 70-year-old 7-year-old disapproved of Spicer’s erratic delivery and ill-fitting light-colored suit. The Post reported that Trump didn’t think Spicer was fiery enough as he delivered his defense of Trumpworld, a place where the high chair king’s ego takes primacy over actual facts. The new president doesn’t care about weakening democracy if his delicate ego needs to assert the easily disproved: that he would have won the popular vote if there weren’t massive voter fraud.

Now the president is home alone, signing executive orders banning all Syrians in the middle of their devastating war and others from Muslim countries in a document that will come to be seen as a stain on our country and will only serve as a recruiting tool for jihadis. This, while he’s telling The Times’ Maggie Haberman that he loves the “beautiful phones” in the White House and has limited TV time in the morning because his meetings start at 9.

“He is really a unique creature,” D’Antonio says. “He’s transfixing, riveting, really. It’s hard to take your eyes off him.”

I ask the biographer if he’s as nervous as everyone else, and he says yes.

“Donald’s manic without being depressive,” he muses. “The only thing you can do is keep him distracted for a day and then one more day so that he doesn’t do anything disastrous.”

Just like Obama and May, D’Antonio says, “a lot of people over the years have tried to mollify him and accommodate him day by day. And eventually you get a year behind you. Everybody else wants stability, but he thrives in turmoil.”

[ Report By By Maureen Dowd, New York Times]



  1. p polla

    February 1, 2017 at 12:57 AM


  2. Bench

    February 1, 2017 at 1:52 AM

    Why I like Donad Trump be say very erling in the morning when pipuls are still sleep, he go just wake up and sit down in front of White House and smoke orijinal igbo. Is not that nonsens igbo wey Ms Eranko is smoke wey de make her shout haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa all the time bicos the igbo is too hot for her tongue. The same orijinal igbo wey Bob Marly was smoke and U-Roy was smoke and Kulture and Grigri Isaac and Eric Donaldson and Majek Fashek and even me is joining to smoke is wetin Donald Trump de smoke. It make us to know something. When orijinal igbo do you tititititititi finish, you must sing rege music. So Donald Trump is know something. He sabi sing rege also. America have great oredy, so no need to say make America great again. Is bad to be joining Donald Trump with Hitler bicos Hitler mama na winch from Ostrias. But Trump mama na ogbanje from Alabana. Na why Trump de like to chop banana and granut and everybody for Alabana is followment of banana chopment. Even church is use banana and granut to do holy cominion. So why is pipul make noise for? Is winch and ogbanje the same thing? Abeg make una leave Trump alone.

  3. dada

    February 1, 2017 at 2:12 AM


  4. Omokehinde

    February 1, 2017 at 2:18 AM

    This is the dumbest article I’ve seen in decade by one of those media organization that really rooted for Hillary Clinton victory in her failed campaign. Among the list of prominent Hillary’s media allies is the New York times, MSNBC, CNN, Washington Post and other liberal powerful media establishment that God rendered powerless for the first time in American election history. The New York Times and other demonic news and print media in America Are Still In Shock, angry, bitter, delutional, and saddened that God’s choice won despite their unprofessional overwelming support for that babies killer – Hillary Clinton. I visited the United States few months before the presidential election, and I have never seen media bias like during the 2016 election against President Donald Trump. The former Muslim president -Barrack Hussein Obama had already divided American before Trump election. I think America will continue to be divided with this kind of rediculious article, and news media coverage of Trump presidency their disobedience to God’s voice. Donald John Trump was appointed by God because of the prayers of true Christians in America to reserve all the damages done to America to American morality by prezident Obama Hussein by legislating Gay marriage, abortion laws that have killed millions of God’s children in the past eight years, to revive American economy, cut down the debt, and most importantly, reunite America back to the state of Israel which Obama hated with passion. The nuclear deal with Iran coupled with $1.8 billions given to them by Mr. Hussein was intended to help Iran build Nuclear weapons to stand against Isreal military power in that dangerous part of the world. President Trump will surely make America Great Again. The real divider of America are those demonic news media dishing get out lies and false propaganda against this president who they dislike with strong passion.

  5. Mtu mkubwa

    February 1, 2017 at 3:37 AM

    @Omokihinde your comment is one of the best I have read so far. The media thought they had in their command to give us another loser, God had a better plan. I do not need to add anything. You said it all my brother. Your brother in Christ in the USA. Originally from Tanzania….you are blessed my brother. Even the powerful pastors failed to pin-point the media lies…. blessed bro

  6. Endurance

    February 1, 2017 at 6:04 AM

    No doubt Trump is already dividing and setting so many families apart in US due to his thoughtless and irrational immigration policy against muslim nations. What he failed to acknowledge is that, decisive battle against terrorism does not justify putting people of a specific background or faith under general suspicion. You can’t successfully win the war against terror by banning Muslim nations entry into the US when the few terrorists in those countries can be targeted. Terrorism is an ideology that cannot be erased from the heart and mind of those that have been radicalized. Such ones could be US indigene who have been negatively influenced by what he or she read on jihadists websites that are thousands in number all over the internet. Record shows that some of those that had caused deadly shootings in the US were radicalized online. Therefore,preventing muslim nations from entering america will only play into the hands of muslim extremists who will now see enough reasons to attack America through their homegrown fans or sympathizers. That is why Donald Trump immigration policy against muslim nations is sel-defeating and cannot provide any permanent solution to terrorism happening in US. Donald Trump immigration policy have also effectively cut off entry of many arab refugees fleeing war which is totally against the Geneva Convention that require the international community to take in war refugees on humanitarian ground. Accepting refugees fleeing war is an international obligation of every country which was signed by all including the US. Then why is he failing to live up to such expectation? Donald Trump’s action will no doubt have a great consequence.


    February 1, 2017 at 6:54 AM


  8. T-JAY

    February 1, 2017 at 8:00 AM

    @Enduarance you’ve made a very vital point. The fact is, radicalism through the surfing of the jihadists websites is one of the leading cause of terrorism in the US in recent years. The past administration made every effort to seriously counter and shot down many of this dangerous websites but with little success. The shootings that happened in orlando gay nightclub in the US was caused by a guy who was radicalized online having read about al-bagdady the leader of ISIS call to kill the infidel. So preventing arab nations from entering US is against any normal logic. I think the writer did well by bringing out the real similarities of both Donald Trump and Adolf Hitler. His attitude is not far from the one that led to the collapsed of Adolf Hitla’s government. Obviously their are many uncertainties ahead in the US.

  9. Alexunique Legendary

    February 1, 2017 at 1:18 PM

    Old fool, just like Buhari, US is in big trouble!

  10. ade eagle

    February 2, 2017 at 2:13 AM

    he will soon die

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