Panic As Fulani Herdsmen Write Intention Of Attack Letter To Irete Residents In Owerri Imo State

fulani attack owerri imo state residents

June 5, 2016 – Panic As Fulani Herdsmen Write Intention Of Attack Letter To Irete Residents In Owerri Imo State

The residents of Irete, a suburd of Owerri in Imo State  have started fleeing their homes for the fear of reprisal attack by Fulani herdsmen.

A resident of Irete, who pleaded anonymity, told newsmen yesterday in Owerri that Fulani herdsmen dropped letters informing Irete residents to prepare for a reprisal attack against them by the nomads.

The source noted that the herdsmen claimed that Irete people have been killing and eating their cattle which they sometime graze across the area. Eze Ethelbert Ekwelibe, the traditional ruler of Irete Autonomous Community, confirmed the information adding:

“Residents of the community have been apprehensive since last Sunday when they got the information.

“I have taken necessary precautionary measures to avert possible attack and bloodshed by alerting the Imo State Commissioner of Police, Mr Taiwo Lakanu, the Divisional Police Officer of Ogbaku and the state chairman of Imo State Traditional Rulers’ Council of the matter,” he said.

18 thoughts on “Panic As Fulani Herdsmen Write Intention Of Attack Letter To Irete Residents In Owerri Imo State

  1. You can‘t just run away from your home like that. Let the Ruler/s organise a set of vigilante groups and Hunters to guard the community at night and let the policemen be dressed in mufti and be positioned at strategic points in the day.

    Let the people also be on the watch out for any strange faces that might come around as beggers or passerbys: they might be spies.

    Untill Nigerians declare war against fulani as a whole, we will continue to suffer this kind of intimidations and molestations in the hands of all these illegal immigrants from neigbouring muslim countries.

    I take a stroll…

  2. you people are mad ruining away from ur home
    so gun don finish for market or the fulanies are not human

  3. imagine Fulani herdsmen in another man state with their stupid threat. the Governor nd d king should do something about it. these people are crazy oooo intimidating people in their own land na wa oooo

  4. You can’t run away from your home like a coward, stand and defend your community, lias with neighboring communities par adventure they may organize in a nearby one to carry out their attack as was in the case of Ukpabio in Enugu
    if such actions are not taken against this fulani Boko HARAM the south will know no peace. forward the letter through Okorocha to their brother in Aso Rock.

  5. Before the recent attack in Nimbo in Enugu State, it is said that a similar letter was equally written to the people, and that the Enugu State governor had made frantic efforts to forestall the impending attack all to no avail. I think it is left for the concerned community, and even the neighbouring communities as well, to take up to themselves the matter of safegaurding their lives. Fleeing your community is never an option.

    I just wonder whether it is difficult to clamp dowm on the owner of the cattle whose herdsmen attack a community. All I see is that the Nigerian govt has refused to decisively and conclusively deal with this issue.

  6. I really can believe how small group of people will continue threatening community from their home, the question remains where are Irete people running to, who will fight for them, does it mean Rochas is not aware of this threat or so called letter.

    guys wake up and defend yourserlf from this barbarians, away gives them more edge and power over your guys, by the time the get killed others will run away.

  7. Running away will not solve the problem. Arm yourselves, be vigilant and be ready to confront these nomads who were not originally from Nigeria. They think they will conquer the rest of Nigeria the way they did to the Hausas. It will not happen. They want to bring into reality the words of Saduana of Sokoto that they will rule from the arid North to the Atlantic ocean in the South. They will not succeed in Islamizing Nigeria. The people of Irete should not let what happened in Enugu happen to them. They should liaise with other communities to be on alert. Remember, “the prize of liberty is eternal vigilance”.

  8. why running away from those animals coming to fight you in your father’s land stand up and fight those idiots.

  9. Any Fulani parading such area should be fire, cow are not humans and if the fulani want to rare cow, they should relocate to wherever they comes from. raring of cows is their own personal business ours.

  10. It’s best u did that bcos running away 4rm ur home won’t solve any problem..
    Instead it’s best to check 4 a better action to take and remedy d situation..

  11. This`s the highest level of cowardice in the highest exhibiting by Imo people, the northerner killed and beheaded your sister, Bridget in Kano on the flimsy excuse of blasphemy, and then went on to issue threat of attack right in your ancestral home, and you panic and begins to run away like chickens from your own home. I really pity you people. Haven’t you heard that if you pushes a dog too far to the wall, it will have no option than to fight back. Or you are waiting for your Okorocha to issue that his lame statement again!

  12. If it is nnamdi KANU,everyone will be contributing cowardly.Fulani murder the whole IMO if u can.igbos are confused people

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